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Where is life in our body..?

If we go with the understanding of the previous posts on Universe and biological evolution, then whatever we call as 'energy' (Shiva) expresses itself when perturbations of energy accumulate in a region of 5 dimensional space, release the energy from a condensing field (prime) (Vishnu) and once released (Big Bang), the released energy  widens the space (cosmic inflation), fills itself in the space, expresses itself through various force-fields (rudras) that divide/break themselves into different types of fields as Universe expanded.   This energy (Shiva) expresses itself through force-fields (rudras) gets quantized (exists only at select levels and not all) and these quantized energy is called quanta or particles of the fields (maruts).  In this region of space, condensing field prime (vishnu) has zero value, as energy is freely expressed through different fields in that space.

Though energy is freely expressed in this space, it cannot still drive matter evolution on its own. 

But then the condensing field (prime) (vishnu) acquires a vacuum expectation value in this region of space, such that it condenses energy expressed in some fields (unlike before where it condenses energy across all fields), becomes the Higgs field as we know now, giving select particles the property of 'mass'. This form is nArayaNa. The quanta of some fields, the particles (maruts) interact with this Higgs or condensing field, get the property of 'mass' and these 'massive' particles are made to interact by binding energies (Adityas) to become atoms (devas) that exists in eight different states (vasus),  which become foundational layer of all Universal mortal (manuSya) matter forms we see.

Biological evolution follows pretty much the same pattern.

Whatever we call as 'consciousness' (Shiva, Atmanas) expresses itself when perturbations of consciousness accumulate in certain chemical combinations that originate in the 5 dimensional space, release the consciousness from a condensing field (prime) (Origin of consciousness), the released consciousness widens the chemical combinations, fills itself in that space, expresses itself through various chemical combinations (rudras) that merge themselves into different types of chains of molecules (rudras) as the chemical combinations expand.  This consciousness (Shiva, Atmanas) expresses itself through chains of molecules (rudras) gets quantized (exists only at select bio-molecules) and these quantized consciousness  are the maruts.  In these chains of chemical compounds, condensing field prime (vishnu, manas) has zero value, as quantized consciousness is freely expressed through different molecular chains. 

Though consciousness is freely expressed in these molecular chains, it cannot still drive biological evolution on its own.

But then the condensing field (prime) (vishnu) acquires the form of carbon catenations amongst the various matter forms, such that it condenses consciousness, that have the property of 'manas'. This carbon form is nArayaNa. The quantized consciousness in molecular chains interact with carbon chains, gets 'condensed', become organic compounds, these organic compounds with 'manas' are made to interact by binding energies (Adityas) to become cell organelles and then cells (devas), that exhibit eight characteristics of life (vasus), which become foundational layer of all Universal mortal (manuSya) biological forms we see.

The correlation between matter and biological evolution is this. Shiva is Energy, consciousness, Vishnu is condenser of energy, consciousness. Brahma is the 5 dimensional space, the matter substrate that exists in this 5 dimensional space.  Rudras are force-fields, molecular chains that arise on the space, matter. Maruts are quantized energy, consciousness expressed through force-fields or molecular chains. nArAyaNa is the property of mass due to Higgs interaction condensing energy creating primitive matter forms, property of manas due to carbon catenation that condenses consciousness creating organic compounds. Adityas are binding energies that lead primitive matter forms to atoms and matter forms, as well as binding energies that lead organic compounds to cell organelles and cells.  Vasus are eight states in which matter form exist as well as eight characteristics of life in which consciousness exists. 

Simply put, energy and consciousness are the underlying 'cause' that try to express/evolve the matter forms and biological forms.

This has some implications on our understanding of what we call as 'life'.   The perturbations of consciousness that gets released from a condensing field causes the 'life' of a being. This release of consciousness may happen all over the chemical complex of a biological being. But there is a central co-ordination region or a 'primary' region where the consciousness needs to be expressed for 'life' to continue.

For eg. in mammals, sperm and egg are chains of molecules are chemical complexes. There are perturbations of consciousness in both, but they are not aggregated enough to be expressed. When sperm and egg fuse, the perturbations aggregate and the consciousness gets released in the fusing 'region' to drive the evolution of that fused chemical complex. This is when a chemical complex becomes a biological being and the 'life' starts.

So when consciousness gets expressed in a 'region' due to fusing of sperm and egg, it drives the evolution of that being from that fusing region, in that fused chemical complex, which becomes a ball cells called blastocyst.

Though consciousness is freely expressed in the blastocyst, it cannot still drive biological evolution on its own.

This is where the 'condensation' of consciousness (as in Higgs interaction or carbon catenation) comes into play. The blastocyst that happens to get deeply implanted in uterus, has its consciousness expression 'condensed'. This is when the 'property of manas' appears in the blastocyst (similar to property of mass in matter particles, similar to carbon catenation in organic compounds) and on that pedestal of 'manas',  the unicellular blastocyst grows into a multi-cellular embryo ( as primitive matter forms become atomic elements and compounds on the pedestal of mass, as organic compounds become primitive and complex life forms on the pedestal of organic compounds).

This property of 'manas' makes the blastocyst to grow to embryo, fetus and then into a baby. It seeds the desire of the baby to break open the shell it is in and once out as a child, make it do whatever child does including learning and growing. This manas also seeds the 'desire' or 'kAmA' through hormones to do various things including mating. 

This means the 'life' of a being is at the region where 'manas' appeared. from where it co-ordinates the whole being. In human beings, as the blastocyst becomes an embryo, the region of blastocyst that got attached to the uterus, gets developed into a neural tube that eventually grows into brain, spinal cord and heart.

So our 'life' or our 'manas' is somewhere in this region between brain and heart, in some neural connections. As long as consciousness perturbations are able to overcome the condensing field in this region, life continues, as the region of 'manas' of a being survives.

As the neural tube develops into heart, brain and spinal chord,  heart being in the center, it could be the place where manas appeared. Hence it is possible that manas is in our heart in some neural connections between heart, brain and spine and not exactly in brain.

Hence as long as the 'manas' lives in these neural connections closer to heart, 'life' sustains.