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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 12 (How and Why of my works)

Background In this chapter, I will devote myself to a 30,000 feet explanation of  how and why I am writing about Vedic texts.  My study of Vedas and Upanishads in the last 15 years leads me to say with high degree of confidence, that the Vedic texts actually texts of cosmic evolution.   For eg., uSa, the Dawn in the Rg Vedic texts is the dawn of Universe and not the morning dawn that we see daily. They are texts of Science whose description of events match mostly with our current understand and also exceed our understanding. Like any science book, Rg Veda talks about various evolutionary forces that work at the dawn of Universe. Probably these texts got handed over across a civilizational bridge or an evolutionary bridge. The new owners of Vedas realized that these were great texts of 'truth'. But they could not comprehend what exactly they were.  So they started preserving the Vedic texts for a future understanding. The whole system of Brahmans reciting vedic scriptures