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AUM - The Model of Universe

AUM  "Aum" has been an enchanting word, for several centuries in the Indian sub-continent. "Aum" is pronounced more as "Om". It has gained a religious connotation throughout these years, as a way of communicating with God. But Aum, I suspect, was designed by our rishis with a different idea. Aum, in my view represents the Universe as defined in the Standard Model. M andukya upanishad explains Aum in its entirety. People think Aum is made of three sounds. But it is made of four quarters. Three sounds followed by a Silence. Aum needs to be followed by a silence always. Without the silence, Aum is not complete. Including the silence, Aum is made of four quarters, as Mandukya Upanishad calls it. When we say 'A', (the start of O)our lips part and the sound is produced from the vocal chord, coming out, without disturbed by our lips. It is a raw sound emanating from our vocal chords. It is a gross sound. When we say 'U',