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Vidya and Avidya through sAstra- A vAkyapadiya analysis

Background "andham tamah pravisanti ye avidyam upasate tato bhuya iva te tamah ya u vidyayam ratah" - says Isa upanishad. One who is situated/worships/serves avidya enters the blind tamas. Those who enjoy vidya also become similar". I translate vidya as learning and avidya as un-learning. If that is so, Isa Upanishad says that only un-learns is blind tamasic. Tamasic means lack of information. Blind tamasic means bereft of any information at all. This is understandable. If someone (or something) keeps un-learning, they would soon be bereft of any information at all. But it also says those who learn only are also blind tamasic. This means that if one keeps learning new information, then also they become bereft of any information. "vidyāṃ cāvidyāṃ ca yastadvedobhya saha, avidyayā mṛtyuṃ tīrtvā'mṛtamaśnute" - Learning and Unlearning both together overcomes the mortality to immortality. This means that one who wants to acquire knowledge has to

An analysis of Sabda and vAk - Part 6

Background Like speech is the expression of beings, this Universe is the expression of that Atman. Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 164 talk of four-fold vAk, which is the four-fold expression of Universe.  vAkyapadiya maps this four-fold expression to human speech. Rg Veda Mandala1 Hymn 164 says what is being talked about are all those in the fourth stage only. The rest three are only known to the learned of the Brahmanas. vAkyapadiya also says the vaikhAri, the fourth stage is what is expressed outside and other three are hidden. vAk is Atma's prajnA - What it means..? This four-fold expression is also described in Brhadharanyaka Upanishad.  Brhadharanyaka Upanishad describes this four-fold expression of Universe the 'vAk' as 'prajnA'.  prajnA means 'first of the knowings', the consciousness. vAk, the four-fold expression of Universe is prajnA, the consciousness of the Atman. Like the Prajna/consciousness that arises in few organic molecules evolves

Trayi Veda - Rca and sAma

Human expression and Universe’s expression Like speech is the expression of beings, this Universe is the expression of that Atman. Like speech carries the 'knowledge', the Universe carries the 'matter' forms. These matter forms are the 'information content', 'entropy' of Universe or 'Veda' or 'Knowledge' of Universe. Thus 'we' the matter and beings of the Universe are 'thoughts/knowledge' of that Atman, that arises from its consciousness, the quantum oscillations of the vacuum. This Veda/knowledge of the Universe, its information content, is of three types. They are trayi-Veda. The knowledge of Universe is distributed in Rca, sAma and Yajur. Apart from them is the atharvana. What is Rca..? Rg veda Mandala 1 Hymn 139 describes rca thus Rco akSare parame vyoman yasmin devÀ adhi viZve niSeduH  yas tan na veda kim RcÀ kariSyati ya it tad vidus ta ime samÀsate Meaning The ‘devas’ of Universe repose/