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mahalakshmi ashtakam


Analogous to science concepts of today, in matter domain, Shiva is Energy.  Vishnu is the property of ‘mass’. Lakshmi are the ‘wealth’ of matter (land, metals etc) and beings (cattle, ourselves) that undergo birth-death-birth cycle on this property of mass, evolving higher & higher forms.

In biological domain, Shiva is Consciousness. Vishnu is the property of ‘manas’. Lakshmi are the ‘wealth’ of thoughts that undergo birth-flow-death-birth cycle in our manas, evolving higher and higher knowledge. 

Adi Shankara praises this Lakshmi as the mother who drives this evolutionary cycle of birth-death-birth giving us knowledge, power/health and growth. Since mother Lakshmi keeps providing these to us, mahA-periyavA calls her  as one who keeps rejuvenating us all again and again.

mahA-lakshmi are all the matter and biological forms of the Universe together. All natural forms that evolve and help evolve the Universe are mahAlakshmi. The evolutionary process that masks the reality behind evolving complex forms is the 'mAyA'.

mahA-lakshmi evolves due to mAyA, the evolutionary process and hence is said to be the 'form' of mAyA. She fights off many destructive tendencies in the course of this evolution to keep evolving higher and higher.  

We invoke this mahA-lakshmi to fight off destructive tendencies and evolve like the natural forms have evolved. 

mahA-lakshmi ashtakam translation sung in tamil, in the video.

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