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A summary of Mandukya Upanishad..

Cosmic Inflation Science says Big Bang created the energy of Universe, which was followed by 'Inflation/Expansion' of spacetime, in which spacetime expanded hugely. This is called 'Cosmic Inflation'. Think of a balloon that expands when air is pushed inside. Whatever exists on the surface of balloon uniformly expands along with surface of the balloon.  So if energy/matter that was constrained and then expanded, then matter should be seen uniformly spread across the spacetime. But what we see in Universe today is different. There is a huge AkAsa, empty space of vacuum, everywhere. Then there are clusters of galaxies and matter sprinkled non-uniformly or non-homogenously  in this AkAsa.  How did this variation come about..? Can just bending of spacetime (gravitation) and the fusion reactions triggered by gravitation alone explain this non-uniform distribution of matter with huge empty spaces in-between..? Baryonic Acounstic Oscillations - praNAva - OmkAra Science says the