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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 53 - saMkhya design pattern summary

Background Before I start with the slokas of Samkhya kArika, let me describe the overall design pattern propounded by saMkhya in my translations here. saMkhya - Design pattern summary across matter and biological beings saMkhya Matter Biological Linga Energy-Momentum relationship which describes a hyperboloid. Particles which reside on-shell on Linga/EM relationship are real particles . Only real particles evolve. Catenation that forms hyperboloid structures (Covalent bonds) in atoms. Atoms that can form long and strong bonds (Covalent) can only sustain signaling, information processing which is consciousness. Those life-giving molecules. evolve. Sattva Increase in entropy, laghu (more microscopic states, more disorder), prakAsam (radiating, detachment) Increase in signaling, information processing capability, consciousness, increase in buddhi, increase in detachment/growth (nivrtti) Rajas Change in Enthalpy; Po

Aditya Hrdayam - Part 52 - The tanmAtras

Background Since I explained Pancha Pranas in matter and beings, let me explain how tanmAtras (the five measures) relate the pancha prana to pancha bhuta. These relationships explain how saMkhya is a design pattern for Universal matter and beings, before I move on to saMkhya kArika. Summary Vrtti are ensemble of matter particles with five different thermodynamic potentials (pancha prAna). Based on pressure, volume, temperature, entropy differentials (called tanmAtras) these ensemble of particles manifest in five different states of matter (pancha-bhutas) to evolve more complex structures of matter. Vrtti are also ensemble of biological cells (organ systems) with five different biological functions (pancha-prAna). Based on Catabolsim, anabolism, homeostasis, levels of consciousness differentials (called tanmAtras), these organ systems processes the five different states of matter (pancha-bhutas) to evolve more consciousness in biological beings. Thus saMkhya gives us

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 51 - Pancha prAna

Background Before I move on to the slokas of Samkhy kArika and the summary, here is a brief explanation of the vrttis (energy vortices) of matter and organ systems of beings. What is matter..? Matter at the very basic is energy manifesting in different force-fields. Evolution of matter, which are non-living entities are based on five principles. At the very basic, a non-living entity or matter is particles manifesting in quantum force-fields (such as dirac-fermi field). This is called zero-point energy. This is Ananda. This is equivalent to the ‘signaling’ of life. This Ananda is equivalent to udAna in biological beings. Using this particle manifestation, different forms of stable matter evolve with some internal energy.  This internal energy in stable matter forms allow the matter to interact with other forms of matter through chemical reactions. These chemical reactions are the vacana. This vacana is equivalent to prAna in biological beings. When a non-living