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Aditya Hrdayam - Part 56 - Fields and Particles

Background It is important before I proceed with saMkhya kArika translation, I set the background of the quantum world which it refers to, so that the beauty of saMkhya kArika could be appreciated. The three domains There are three domains. The quantum domains, the classical domain and the cosmology domain. All three worlds are governed by thermodynamic principles of energy and enthalpy, though each one of them have their own nuances. It is the property of mass (Vishnu) that manifests differently in different domains and evolve the Universe. In the Quantum world it is the Higgs field interaction. In the Classical world it is 'inertia'. In cosmology it is 'Gravity'. Thus Vishnu is called 'Tri-vikrama', the one who sets up order over the three domains. ‘Krama’ means order. Vikrama is one who sets that order. Tri-vikrama is one who sets that order in all three domains. In this blog let's look at some of the concepts in Quantum domain. Fields a

Saneeswara and Tirunallaru

In response to a request to write about  Saneeswara, Tirunallaru and stories that come around it Saneeswara mantra Neelanjana samabhasam raviputram yamakrajam Chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami saneeswaram The son of Ravi, brother of Yama, non-cognizable blue (ultra-violet), that comes together as a shadow from the Sun (that springs from lifeless sphere), to that Saneeswara, salutations. Anjana is translated as ‘non-cognizant’, ‘illusory’ etc. It is interpreted as a mountain. Neela anjana is the illusory/non-cognizable blue which I translate as ultra-violet. samabhasam means 'appearance'. 'raviputram' is Son of Ravi. Ravi is sun. yamakrajam is brother of yama. chAya mArtAnda sambhutam means 'the shadow/shade that comes together from that springs from a lifeless egg' At first the molecular clouds are life-less. They are mrta-anda (life-less spheres/eggs). But due to gravitational pressure, they compress and the lifeless sphere starts heating