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Quantum Entanglement

Q: Someone asked what quantum entanglement, and this is my rant to them.  Quantum Entanglement as we know it now At quantum level all particles are entangled in their properties though they get separated by large distances. It means change in property of one particle affects change in the entangled property of another particle though they may be far far away. For eg 2 photos originating from one electron will have their quantum properties entangled.  It means that even  if these photons are at opposite points on earth, a change in one property of the photon will instantly change the property of another photon. This leads to non localization and  appears to violate speed of light as change travels faster than light. This is what we define by scientific investigations.  From here its my own understanding.  Quantum Entanglement from puranic story Quantum entanglement is in some ways like genetics of living beings, in terms of inheritance, in the sense the properties of parent particle det