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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 60 - Maa and Maha Kali

Background In the past few chapters, we went through 1. Force-fields (Scalar Higgs/Vishnu, Vector/Chakra, Spinor/Conch) 2. Fundamental Particles (Panchajana/Five particle types, ChaturSana/Four right-handed particles) 3. Interactions (Soma/strong, Madhu/Weak, Apa/Electromagnetic) 4. Charges ( Vaishravana/Color, kAla/Weak, Yama/Electric). 5. Composite Particles (Sura/Nucleons, Asura/Non-nucleons, Rakshasa/Vector and Pseudo-scalar mesons and Yaksa/Scalar and Pseudo-vector mesons) 6. Concepts of Chirality, Helicity etc Energy (Shiva) and Momentum (Shakti) In the quantum world, energy is an abstract term. Energy is characterized by Momentum. Energy and Momentum can never be separated. They are the Ardha-Nareeswara. This definition of Energy and Momentum leads to the Linga. More on it here . But this is looking at energy in an abstract way, trying to make sense of energy. This is how the concept of Ardha-Nareeswara, Linga et al evolved. Then energy manifests in this U