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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 59 - Panchajana and Catursana

Background I had explained the concept of Spin, handedness, fermions, pauli exclusion principle, force mediators etc using the Conch and Wheel in the earlier few posts. There are the following 'fields' Scalar/Spin 0 (kSir sAgar) Vector/Spin-1 (Weapons/Abodes) Spinor/Spin -1/2 (half-integer spins to be more precise) (Conch) fields The scalar (spin 0) Higgs field is the kSira sAgar in which Vishnu (the property of mass) resides The Conch is the spinor field that excites spin-1/2 fermions, that are particles that make the Universe. There are five-races of spinor field excitation and hence the conch is pancha-janya The excitations of the scalar, vector and spinor fields can have 'handedness' (chirality). It means they are either right-handed or left-handed. Depending on their intrinsic angular momentum this handedness is seen as 'helicity' (clockwise movement or anti-clockwise movement).  The Chakra is the vector field that causes spin-1 bosons that a