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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 34 - Vrsakapi in Vishnu SahasraNama

Background Vrsakapi - A Rudra Vrsa means masculinity. Kapi mean who/which that flows/moves/hops/jumps etc.. Ka (who/which) pi (flows/hops/moves/jumps).  From whom/which flows masculinity is Vrsakapi or which flows/hops/jumps masculinely is Vrsakapi. Vrsakapi is traditionally interpreted as Male Ape or Male Monkey (which hops/jumps). Hanuman has been linked to Vrsakapi of Vedas in the later year texts. Vrsakapi is a Rudra in Vedas. Hence Hanuman as Vrsakapi is seen as  ‘Maha-Rudra’. Rudras are the force-fields present in the Universe. Eleven Rudras are eleven force-fields. Vrsakapi is the residual strong force field that flows through the baryons, binding them into nucleons to facilitate the dawn of the Universe.  This binding force causes a mass defect in the net mass of the nucleons after the binding. The mass defect is said to be the binding energy that was consumed to bind the nucleons. When Vrsakapi moves out of nucleons (that are positive charged) as Electro