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jyotiSa as vedAnga - Part 3

Background The definition of jyotiSaa in brhat samhita is a person who has multi-dimensional knowlege and makes use of this knowledge to do predictive modelling and make predictions out of them. Since it is not possible for one person to do it all, brhat Samhita calls for a team of jyotisaa to work together and make predictions for a King. Simply put, jyotiSa is a science of predictive modelling with data from various information sources and using that model to make reasonable inferences about the future. Like it or not, it is just like economics (1). This is all about information becoming knowledge to make reasonable inferences for future, which are approximations, but which keeps on becoming better and better. A person practising jyotiSa can neither claim to make accurate predictions nor can allow the instincts to over-run the inferences. I had also described the 'luminaries' that have pround impact on planet Earth and they are visible even to our naked eye (2). 

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 65 - Three-wheeled Asvins

Background  In the past few chapters, we went through 1. Force-fields (Scalar Higgs/Vishnu, Vector/Chakra, Spinor/Conch) (1) 2. Fundamental Particles (Panchajana/Five particle types, ChaturSana/Four right-handed particles) (2) 3. Interactions (Soma/strong, Madhu/Weak, Apa/Electromagnetic) (3) 4. Charges ( Vaishravana/Color, kAla/Weak, Yama/Electric) (3) 5. Composite Particles (Sura/Nucleons, Asura/Non-nucleons, Rakshasa/Vector and Pseudo-scalar mesons and Yaksa/Scalar and Pseudo-vector mesons) (4) 6. Concepts of Chirality, Helicity etc (4) 7. Asvins - The electromagnetic field (8) 8. How asvins grow vasus, learning/evolving molecular clouds (11) 9. Asvins leading to Stellar nucleosynthesis (12) Executive Summary of Rgveda Slokas Mandala 1 Hymn 180,181,182 The Rgvedic Sloka Mandala 1 Hymn 180 to 186 are about 'vidyAm esAm vrjanam jiradAnum', which is 'Knowledge/learning sprinkles abundantly in these settlements". In simpler words, it is about increa