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mahalakshmi ashtakam

  Analogous to science concepts of today, in matter domain, Shiva is Energy.  Vishnu is the property of ‘mass’. Lakshmi are the ‘wealth’ of matter (land, metals etc) and beings (cattle, ourselves) that undergo birth-death-birth cycle on this property of mass, evolving higher & higher forms. In biological domain, Shiva is Consciousness. Vishnu is the property of ‘manas’. Lakshmi are the ‘wealth’ of thoughts that undergo birth-flow-death-birth cycle in our manas, evolving higher and higher knowledge.  Adi Shankara praises this Lakshmi as the mother who drives this evolutionary cycle of birth-death-birth giving us knowledge, power/health and growth. Since mother Lakshmi keeps providing these to us, mahA-periyavA calls her  as one who keeps rejuvenating us all again and again. mahA-lakshmi are all the matter and biological forms of the Universe together. All natural forms that evolve and help evolve the Universe are mahAlakshmi. The evolutionary process that masks the reality behind ev

Rgveda 10.191 - Team working

Background Rgveda 10.191 is set in the background of a sacrifice (Yajna) by assembly of priests, in which Agni which is the messenger that takes the oblations to devas, is addressed.  It has great message for 'team' or 'groups' of people working together.  Before you move on, check if you would like to subscribe to vedabhasya channel, where we try bringing out meaning of vedic scriptures in tamil, english in the light of words of our gurus as well as modern science. Rgveda 10.191 - Hymns to Agni Together completely youthfully masculine agni, Universal Lord,  in the altar (place of offering), fill up our wealth. Moving together, Speaking together,  understanding minds together, oh deva, we worship with no divisions, understanding/aligning together before itself. Assembling equal/appropriate mantras, mind with thoughts, chanting equal/appropriate mantras, I offer equal/appropriate havis/oblations. Assembling  actions and appropriately

People behind Vedabhasya..

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Where is life in our body..?

If we go with the understanding of the previous posts on Universe and biological evolution, then whatever we call as 'energy' (Shiva) expresses itself when perturbations of energy accumulate in a region of 5 dimensional space, release the energy from a condensing field (prime) (Vishnu) and once released (Big Bang), the released energy  widens the space (cosmic inflation), fills itself in the space, expresses itself through various force-fields (rudras) that divide/break themselves into different types of fields as Universe expanded.   This energy (Shiva) expresses itself through force-fields (rudras) gets quantized (exists only at select levels and not all) and these quantized energy is called quanta or particles of the fields (maruts).  In this region of space, condensing field prime (vishnu) has zero value, as energy is freely expressed through different fields in that space. Though energy is freely expressed in this space, it cannot still drive matter evolution on its own. 

The Spooky action at a distance..

Energy and consciousness has to be 'looked at' as 'that are behind evolution'. They cannot be defined in absolute terms, but whose effects can be perceived in the Universe's matter and biological evolution. They are said to be 'witness' or 'sAkSi' that never changes, always observing, detached from all the evolutionary changes. This energy or consciousness that is behind the evolution, the unmaifest puruSa is Shiva. That manifests and keeps evolving, the prakRti, is Uma, durga, parvati, Amba, etc etc.. My guess is the biological evolution mimicks the matter evolution in ditto. As whatever we call as energy drove the appearance and evolution of complex matter forms, whatever we call consciousness drove the appearance and evolution of complex biological forms, in the same pattern.  My understanding is whatever we call as energy and whatever we call as consciousness are same, just expressed through different forms at different levels. For example, parti