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The Gender differentiation

Background Before I continue with Cosmological constant and quintessence model in Rg Veda, I thought a background on gender difference could help put my arguments in proper perspective as I translate the slokas in particular ways. Basis of Gender difference The gender differentiation in living beings and in specific human beings is a subject of great intrigue and interest. Various philosophies have been written about it. What is the basis of this gender difference in reality..? Can we make some rational sense of it..? sthula, sukshma, kArana In Sanskrit every noun has a gender. There are three genders. PuMling (Masculine), Striling (Feminine) and Napumsakaling (Neuter).  The selection of gender for different nouns appear arbitrary. But in my understanding they are not arbitrary. They are well defined. PuMling (masculine gender) describes the ‘Sthula’ or Gross or physical or external representation of an object or being. Sthula is massive, physical, gross or externa