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Narayani Stuti from Devi Mahatmyam

  In Vedic dharma, divinities are based on natural forces of the Universe.  ‘nArAyaNi’ is the total internal energy of any matter form having two parts  1. Not Interacting, Non-Usable energy that drives the ‘Entropy’ or ‘Information content’ or ‘buddhi’ (that drives Sarasvati)  2. Interacting, Usable energy that drives interactions which create new matter forms (that drives Lakshmi).  We invoke this nArAyaNi, the total internal energy in all matter forms and biological beings, which becomes the entropy/information content/buddhi and also the usable energy that drives the physical evolution. Below is the tamil translation of the sloka. புத்தி வடிவமாயிருந்து புகுந்துள்ளதில்  வீற்றிருந்து புலன் கடந்த நிலை தரும் தேவி நாராயணி வணங்கினேன் வெறும் வளி எங்கும் பரந்திடவே பெரும் பரிணாமம் தந்திடவே அகிலம் உன்னுள் அடங்கும் சக்தி நாராயணி வணங்கினேன் நலன்களில்   நன்மை நீயே நற்சிவமாகி  நிறைந்தவளே முக்கண்  புகலிடம் கௌரி  நாராயணி வணங்கினேன் ஆக்கி காத்து அழிவிக்கும் அனைத்தனின் நித்யசக்தியே குண ஆதாரமே, குணம

Mahaganesa Pancharatnam

Vinayaga (in matter forms) is 'Work' or 'Action' or 'வினை' in tamil. It is the 'Work' in science parlance as well. In science, the property of Energy (Shiva) added to a system has two effects. It results in 'Work' or 'Heat'. 'Work' is the vinayaka. 'Heat' is the Skanda. Work in matter forms take five different forms. They are 1. Work in terms of change in position or motion 2. Work in terms of  change in 'Pressure' and 'Volume' 3. Work in terms of change in potential due to moving of charge in electric field 4. Gravitational Work in terms of change in potential due to moving of object due to gravity 5. Quantum work in terms of  change in quantum energies at quantum level. The pancha-ratna deals with this 'Work' or 'Action' or 'வினை' in these five forms.

Ashtalakshmi Stotram

Ashtalakshmi stotram tranlsation in Tamil and essence in English. Ashta-Lakshmis are the eight attributes of matter forms and biological forms. In matter forms. the eight attributes are Wave nature, Particle nature, Pressure, Mass, Volume, Velocity, Entropy and Enthalpy. In biological forms, the eight attributes are Consciousness, Metabolism which is the ability to consume other forms and use them as energy source, Ability to handle pressure/Courage, ability to control/rule over other biological beings (humans/animals etc), Expansion/Pro-creation, Winning over physical and mental spaces, Increasing Knowledge and maintaining Physical/Mental energy which is Health. Brahma-anda are the matter forms in Universe. Pinda-anda are the biological forms. As the pindAnda follows the same design pattern as the brahmAnda, this stotram invokes the ashta-lakshmis in the Universe, in all the biological beings and in us too, giving us the ability to grow, prosper and evolve.