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What's Life..?

This is a concept that I draw from analysis of our scriptures. We attribute effects like heat, light, sound, motion, mass etc to a common cause called 'Energy', because these can convert from one form to another. But beyond that we cannot define what Energy is, as we say even vacuum is filled with energy. Same way we attribute effects like signaling, metabolism, growth, death etc to a cause called Consciousness. But beyond that we cannot define what consciousness is. In the ocean of energy, particles arise when expressed through different force-fields, and these particles interact with Higgs, condense energy and acquire mass. In the ocean of consciousness, under certain chemical combinations (say polymerase chains or RNA, DNA, organelles etc), consciousness gets expressed (like energy is expressed through different force-fields). This consciousness drives these combinations to acquire a 'self-identity' (aham). As these combinations interact and consciousness gets conden

Swagatham Krishna வாஅகம்கிருஷ்ணா #krishna #krishnabhajan #tamilsong #tamilsongs #krishnalove #kannan

Sva-agatam means inviting into our self, mindspace. When we say svAgatam we are not inviting to our physical space, but inviting to our mindspace. Swagatham Krishna வாஅகம்கிருஷ்ணா #krishna #krishnabhajan #tamilsong #tamilsongs #krishnalove #kannan Swagatham Krishna வாஅகம்கிருஷ்ணா #krishna #krishnabhajan #tamilsong #tamilsongs #krishnalove #kannan Oothukadu Venkata kavi asks Krishna, the sweet magician worshipped by Yadu women, to come into his 'self' to burn out desires, fight against powerful forces like anger and pride. Krishna is tender faced like heap of flowers, spreading fragrance in life, yet overcomes powerful ones like mustikasura, canura, kAliya thus offering protection from evil. We invite this soft yet hard Krishna into our self. When we surrender to Krishna as ruler in our self, his flowery fragrance burns out all our desires. When Krishna comes into our self, we can fight against powerful forces of anger (kAliya) and pride (mallas) t