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The design pattern in twelve names of Vishnu

Background Evolution of matter  and biological beings follow a similar design pattern. Vedic divinities are indicative of this design pattern. In matter domain, shiva is energy, vishnu is mass.  In biological domain, shiva is consciousness, vishnu is the 'manas'. There are 6 properties common to both matter and biological forms in both these domains. These are recognized as the 12 names/forms (nama-roopa) of Vishnu. All particles with mass (vishnu) have the following properties in Quantum as well as Classical domain.  Vishnu, the property of mass gives rise to these 6 properties in  matter forms.  Transact energy  Equilibrium Follow an organization/order   Growth  Respond to forces Regulation /Control by Gravity  All biological beings with manas (vishnu) have equivalent following properties in physiological as well as consciousness (psychological) domain. Vishnu, the property of manas gives rise to these 6 properties in biological beings. Energy processing  Equilibrium - Homeos