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Enjoy Enjaami - Shiva version

A different try here. A Shiva cum advaitic philosophy cum sustainable living version of Enjoy Enjaami

Patanjali Nataraja Stotram

Background Universe originated as a bundle of energy. Shiva is Energy. Universe matter and beings originate from the property of Mass. Vishnu is this property of Mass(1).  Universe's matter evolution started with Higgs field acquiring vacuum expectation value (vev), which enables it to interact with particles giving them the property of mass, which in turn leads to all matter and biological forms of this Universe, through evolution.  This Higgs field acquiring vev is the starting point of all evolution.  It can be called the reminder or residue that remains.  How..? There are multiple levels of annihilations in the Universe and multiple remainders/residues at every level.  For eg. living biological beings die and become objects that keep chemically reacting. Here remainder of biological life are chemical reactions. When the chemical reactions also die out, they become physical substances that get annihilated physically or very slowly chemically.  The remainder of the chemical react