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Mahisasura Mardhini

Shiva is the property of Energy. Uma is quiet, potential energy. durgA is impassable the kinetic energy which cannot be made zero (absolute zero impossible).  Universe matter forms evolve on the matted hair of Shiva.  Refer Shiva thandava stotram here.   This evolution is driven by durgA, the kinetic energy, who makes the matted hair of Shiva beautiful by enabling evolution of newer and newer matter forms. durgA does this by winning over powerful (mahiSa) non-evolving (asura) matter forms. This is the crux of mahisasura mardhini stotram.  Uma is the potential in us. We invoke this durgA, the kinetic energy, by utilizing our potential, and win over powerful (mahiSa) non-evolving (asura) characteristics in us. 

kanyA dAnam - Is it patriarchal..?

Introduction The sequence of kanyA dAnam, pAni grahaNam and sapta-padi convey a specific set of meanings. They have to be seen together as a series of steps and not stand alone procedures. These are common across different grhya sutras that different  communities follow. Often people say that kanyA dAnam is a regressive patriarchal procedure as kanyA is traded as a property or given out (dAsyami) by father to a groom.  Is that what is conveyed by our grhya sutras..? Let's see. What is kanyA dAnam..? Human beings are supposed to have evolved from primates like chimpanzees. It is estimated that  70% of human genome could be  similar to that Chimps (15% to that of gorillas), stating how closely we were to Chimpanzees in evolutionary tree (2). Chimpanzees have a patrilinear society in which males tend to stay together in groups, while females move out into other groups(1). This helps avoid in-breeding and enables better natural selection processes. So humans have followed and develope

sAdhana panchakam - tamil

Universe's evolution is driven by a design pattern of an external observer driving the evolution, just by observation. We call this observer, the Atman and the evolution as Brahman. If we develop that detached observation capability in us, the ultimate isolation of mind (ekAnta), then we are in a state similar to that of Atman. There are five phases in this process.  The first phase is do our work with knowledge, but without desires. At the same time, remove all defects in our work to wash away sins.   The second phase is to develop devotion to an external god so that we don't get attached to the results of our work. It is also the time we learn the vedic verses from other learned people.  The third phase is to understand the vedic verses on our own, understanding other arguments and comparing it with vedic revelations. It is also the time to develop that 'Iam Brahman' attitude and abandon the 'I am body' attitude.   The fourth phase is to eat food as medicine,

mAyA panchakam - The 5 ways of evolutionary process

Often people say Shankara 'dismisses' the Universe as 'mAyA'. It is not true.   Shankara simply explains that mAyA is the reason for the existence and evolution of this Universe. That's no dismissal.   In mAyA panchakam, Shankara explains how mAyA works in 5 different ways How mAyA became interpreted as illusion 'ma' means 'me'. 'maya' is 'my'. mAyA is derived from maya, which means that is derived from this 'my' identity or 'my' perspective.  When we are filled with 'my-identity' or 'my-perspective' we are said to be under illusion or confusion (bhrama). That's why mAyA is termed 'illusion'. mAyA is simply the process that creates different identities (ma), different perspectives (aham-kAra) and thus 'differentiates' (vi-bheda). These differentiated identities and perspectives then interact and evolve to create more and more identities and perspectives. This process masks the actual

Shiva Pancaksaram

 Shiva is Energy. Energy has 5 characteristics. They are 1. It exists outside the matter forms as three primary sources of energy. They are dark energy that expands the Universe, Vacuum energy that fills the empty space and Cosmic Microwave Background that manifests on top the space.  These three are the three 'eyes' or sources of primary energy. These three energy forms exists below the surface like fire resides below the ash. 2. Energy exists in multiple forms as secondary energy inside the matter forms. For eg. nuclear energy, atomic energy, chemical energy, mechanical energy etc etc. These multiple forms of secondary energy exists like multiple flowers, flows like a river between the matter forms. 3. Energy is 'stored' in matter forms as Internal energy which is the 'Gauri' which is a combination of potential and kinetic energies. 4. Energy is 'transferred' between matter forms through various mechanisms like conduction (candra), convection (vaizva-n