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The Maha Shiva Ratri..

Shiva Linga is actually a Hyperboloid on which the real particles of the universe lie De-mystifying Shiva For us now, Shiva is a god with trishul, trinetra, snake around his neck, in loin clotes, with matted hair. For some he roams in cemetries. For some he is a mad man. And a modern construct that sells is 'Shiva is Adi Yogi'. For 'scholars' Shiva is a Puranic god who has acquired prominence post vedic period. Shiva acquired further prominence in South in the early centuries after Christ. Shiva is an epithet of Rudra. Shiva is not widely talked about in Vedas. For 'linguists' who try to 'interpret' or translate vedic scriptures, Shiva could mean auspicious, benefic, gracious and 'in whom all things lie'. Who is Shiva..? In my understanding of Rg Vedic slokas where Shiva is talked about, Shiva is Energy. Shiva is Energy and Vishnu is Mass. Shi (lie down) va (in which) which means in which all things lie or 'at rest' is Ener