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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 55 - Names of Durga

Background Very often Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas or saMkhya are seen as 'distinct' literatures that developed at different points of time.  They are also interpreted as different philosophies. In my understanding it is not true. They are all part of the same thoughts flowing across.  Before I proceed with saMkhya kArika, few more words on Energy as seen in Puranic texts from what we understood in saMkhya context. Universe evolution from Energy perspective Radiation dominated era At first the Hiranya-garbha, the uterus of four dimensional spacetime manifested. Then the Hiranya-garbha expanded to Brahma, the expanded spacetime, during cosmic inflation. On this Brahma, the Rudras or force-fields manifested. Shiva, the vacuum energy manifested in these force-fields, resulting in particles that traveled in the speed of light. Universe was filled with radiation as particles of force-fields traveled in  the speed of light.   In this Universe, Shiva, t

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 54 - prAna prathistha - Idol to mUrthy

Background Before I go on with slokas, as a corollary of saMkhya, I wanted to write about prAna pratishta.  Whenever we do any puja (Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Ganapati etc) we first do prAna pratishta. The prAna pratishta mimmicks the Universal evolution process, invokes the establishment of biological functions in the idol, making it a living being and finally invokes the 'aham' in us, in the idol and making it a 'mUrti'. The process of prAna prathisthA converts an idol into a 'mUrthi'. 'mUrti' means an embodiment. It is a manifestation of divinity in idol and not just the idol of divinity. The Universal evolution process The evolution process in Universe follows few steps 1. Fluctuations that lead to symmetry breaking (Rsi) 2. Symmetry breaking leading to building up of next level of matter complexity. For eg. force-fields to particles, particles to atoms and compounds, compounds to life. This classical matter world is guided by Potential En