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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 50 - saMkhya as a design pattern

Background Eleven Rudras are eleven force-fields that manifested in this Universe at different points of time. Of these eleven, we saw the Pancha-Brahma Rudras, the color coded ones, the Strong force, Weak force, Electro-weak force, Electro-weak-Strong force and Electromagnetic force. The other six Rudras are Higgs scalar field, Unified dark-matter and higgs field,  Dark Matter field, Dirac-fermi field,  Dark-Energy scalar field and the field of fifth dimension of space which I call as Quantum Entanglement field. The above is a bit non-standard model. The following force fields are not part of standard model 1.       Unified dark matter-Higgs 2.       Dark matter force-field 3.       Dark energy scalar field 4.       Quantum Entanglement field (a 5th dimension of space). How do we understand the dark-matter and higgs field better..? That leads us to saMkhya who talks of Purusha (Unified dark matter and higgs) and Prakrti (matter). In the next several blo