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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 40 - Soma to Soma Pavamana

Background Atman is extremely virtual which means something that is extremely ‘off-the-mass-shell’, not hugely confirming to Energy-momentum relationship. Manas is virtual, which means it is ‘off-the-mass-shell’, not confirming to Energy-momentum relationship. Manas are virtual particles that bind. Nara are real, the particles which confirm to energy-momentum relationship. From the virtual (Manas) comes the real (Nara).  This is explained with Asvins, the twin-headed electromagnetic field filled with virtual (manas) photons (Apa) generating real (nara) photons (apa), when particles that couple to electromagnetic field (tu-gra) acquire charge (bhujyu) and swim/oscillate across the electromagnetic field generating real photons to flow out, in the previous post. The real photons travel at light speeds, possess energy, produce electromagnetic field (nasatyas) around them. They are the dawn of the Universal evolution. The dawn of Universal evolution that is talked about in Veda