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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 41 - Universe as Sacrifice of Asva

Background ‘Atman’ in vedas is the 'extremely virtual' in Quantum mechanics. ‘Manas’ are the ‘virtual particles’ in Quantum mechanics. Soma is the strong force. Asvin are the twin-headed electromagnetic field. Apa is flood of virtual photons that flow across in an electromagnetic field. Asva are the high energy electromagnetic radiations. Vajin are the high speed, high energetic electromagnetic gamma rays.  Go/Ga or Cows/Cattle are those similar to Asva but travel at lower speeds. Go/Ga or Cows/cattle are the massless goldstone bosons, the ‘excitations’ of fields in broken symmetry. Since they travel slower they were called colder or ‘himAya’. Nara are the ‘real’ particles as compared to manas the virtual ones. Manushya are those that possess ‘manas’ or virtual particles. Hence all beings made of atomic nucleus which possess ‘manas’ (virtual pions) are manushya. In Rg Veda Mandala 9 Hymn 74 which I described in the last blog, I talked about massless Goldstone bos