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Chandogya Upanishad Chapter 10

Often these verses in Chandogya Upanishad are quoted to claim that chandogya upanishad says varNa is by birth. Let's see these slokas of Chapter 5.10, as I translate and interpret it. Executive Summary of Chandogya Upanishad Chapter 10 Due to Sun and Moon's effect on Earth, day, night, summer and winter solstices, years etc happen in cycles. Due to effect of moon, ancestral worlds of life is formed in Earth which also follow the cyclic pattern, releasing gases to sky, changing the atmospheric contents, forming clouds, bringing rain to distant lands and bringing out advanced life forms that devas eat (plants, trees, wood). Being that eat these plants and their products, evolve into 2 kinds, based on the work they do.  Those species said to do attractive work (produce something) called brahmana, ksatriya, vaizyas and those species said to be stinking work of scavenging like dogs, pigs, candalas.But then there's a third kind who are just born and die without any evolution call

Bhagavad Gita Sloka 4.13

Jati and varNa are not same. They are actually opposites.  Ja means birth. Jati is that comes from birth. All people of a jAti are related by birth. They have 1 common ancestor somewhere.  Its an inborn characteristics. VarNa means paint. Its an external application. People adopt a profession to contribute to society and thats an external paint they wear. Unlike jAti thats inborn, varNa is something that people choose. Bhagavad gita is not casteist by any yardstick of imagination.  It does not talk of jAti. It talks of varNa.  In this sloka 4.13 chātur-varṇyaṁ (four varnas) mayā sṛiṣhṭaṁ (my creation) guṇa-karma-vibhāgaśhaḥ (by guna karma divisions) tasya kartāram api  māṁ (though i am the doer of this)  viddhya (do understand) akartāram avyayam ( i am eternal non-doer). Krishna says he creates 4 professions for all his creations including living and non-living by their guna and karma divisions. Though he creates them he is not responsible for their guna or karma, as he is eternal nond

Can we get rid of our Karma..? How..?

Can we get rid of our Karma..? How..? Karma is collective and not individualistic. Like a pebble in a pond, your karma ripples after everything in the pond of consciousness/energy affecting every living and non-living that comes its way.  Karma always arises in pairs like particles-anti-particles. The seed of the opposing force is in the force itself, like the laws of motion. Your effect (good or bad is your perception) produces its counter-effect. But that counter effect may not be the same magnitude of as the effect. Over a period, eventually, the counter effects acquire the same magnitude as that of several effects combined and that counter effect could be extremely powerful. Such counter effects could destroy the society or planet and start everything once again. For eg. if society is pulled to one side due to karma of some people, then it will be pulled to other side at some point with a huge force and that pulling can destroy the societal fabric. But yes, it could destroy the ind

Quantum Entanglement

Q: Someone asked what quantum entanglement, and this is my rant to them.  Quantum Entanglement as we know it now At quantum level all particles are entangled in their properties though they get separated by large distances. It means change in property of one particle affects change in the entangled property of another particle though they may be far far away. For eg 2 photos originating from one electron will have their quantum properties entangled.  It means that even  if these photons are at opposite points on earth, a change in one property of the photon will instantly change the property of another photon. This leads to non localization and  appears to violate speed of light as change travels faster than light. This is what we define by scientific investigations.  From here its my own understanding.  Quantum Entanglement from puranic story Quantum entanglement is in some ways like genetics of living beings, in terms of inheritance, in the sense the properties of parent particle det

Sanatana and Sanatana dharma..

sanAtana in samskrt means 'from old times'. Some people interpret it as same as 'nitya' which is not correct. Nitya means eternal and Sanatana means from old times. These two words have different meanings.  dharma means that is 'fixed' like laws of the nature.  Laws of nature are fixed and beyond our control. For eg. things flow from high concentration to low concentration or energy moves from hot to cold are laws of nature that arise due to entropy. Hence giving from those who have to those who have not, which is in tune with one of the laws of nature is called dharma.   Living by sanAtana dharma means living by the laws of the nature that exist from old times. mata means opinion. When that opinion gets strengthened, we get intoxicated by our opinion, it becomes 'madha'. Religions of the world from shaivism, vaishnavism, buddhism, jainism, christianity, islam and even hinduism are mata (ideas) or madha (intoxication).  varNa means paint or an external c

Sri Vigna Rajam Bhaje -

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong is murphy's law. That's Vigna, the disturbance in every work we do. How do we fail murphy's law, overcome Vigna that makes work go wrong..? Oothukadu venkata kavi's Sri Vigna Rajam Bhaje Oothukadu Venkata Kavi says all kinds of vigna (disturbances) submit to Vigna-rAjA, the elephant faced, who always manifests in our 'self', to overcome vigna, when invoked by us. Since he manifests, he is said to be the son of Shiva, the unmanifest witness. Even Indra and devas invoke this vigna-rAjA. He is the leader of the herd to the devoted, enemy to the 'terrible' who roam randomly at will (matanga). He destroys wandering, gives focus and peace to 'self', thereby helping to overcome vigna, the disturbances in our work. Tat tvam asi points to the unmanifest witness (Shiva, Atman) in us. Vigna-rAja is the manifest form of Shiva, in our 'self', who destroys terrible wandering, gives focus, peace to handle all t

What's Life..?

This is a concept that I draw from analysis of our scriptures. We attribute effects like heat, light, sound, motion, mass etc to a common cause called 'Energy', because these can convert from one form to another. But beyond that we cannot define what Energy is, as we say even vacuum is filled with energy. Same way we attribute effects like signaling, metabolism, growth, death etc to a cause called Consciousness. But beyond that we cannot define what consciousness is. In the ocean of energy, particles arise when expressed through different force-fields, and these particles interact with Higgs, condense energy and acquire mass. In the ocean of consciousness, under certain chemical combinations (say polymerase chains or RNA, DNA, organelles etc), consciousness gets expressed (like energy is expressed through different force-fields). This consciousness drives these combinations to acquire a 'self-identity' (aham). As these combinations interact and consciousness gets conden

Swagatham Krishna வாஅகம்கிருஷ்ணா #krishna #krishnabhajan #tamilsong #tamilsongs #krishnalove #kannan

Sva-agatam means inviting into our self, mindspace. When we say svAgatam we are not inviting to our physical space, but inviting to our mindspace. Swagatham Krishna வாஅகம்கிருஷ்ணா #krishna #krishnabhajan #tamilsong #tamilsongs #krishnalove #kannan Swagatham Krishna வாஅகம்கிருஷ்ணா #krishna #krishnabhajan #tamilsong #tamilsongs #krishnalove #kannan Oothukadu Venkata kavi asks Krishna, the sweet magician worshipped by Yadu women, to come into his 'self' to burn out desires, fight against powerful forces like anger and pride. Krishna is tender faced like heap of flowers, spreading fragrance in life, yet overcomes powerful ones like mustikasura, canura, kAliya thus offering protection from evil. We invite this soft yet hard Krishna into our self. When we surrender to Krishna as ruler in our self, his flowery fragrance burns out all our desires. When Krishna comes into our self, we can fight against powerful forces of anger (kAliya) and pride (mallas) t

A summary of Mandukya Upanishad..

Cosmic Inflation Science says Big Bang created the energy of Universe, which was followed by 'Inflation/Expansion' of spacetime, in which spacetime expanded hugely. This is called 'Cosmic Inflation'. Think of a balloon that expands when air is pushed inside. Whatever exists on the surface of balloon uniformly expands along with surface of the balloon.  So if energy/matter that was constrained and then expanded, then matter should be seen uniformly spread across the spacetime. But what we see in Universe today is different. There is a huge AkAsa, empty space of vacuum, everywhere. Then there are clusters of galaxies and matter sprinkled non-uniformly or non-homogenously  in this AkAsa.  How did this variation come about..? Can just bending of spacetime (gravitation) and the fusion reactions triggered by gravitation alone explain this non-uniform distribution of matter with huge empty spaces in-between..? Baryonic Acounstic Oscillations - praNAva - OmkAra Science says the

Design pattern in Energy and Consciousness...

Energy and Consciousness are same, as I understand from vedic texts, scriptures associated with it and also whatever I understand from science. How..? Energy is something that we cannot define except through its expressions of  mass, binding energies locked inside matter forms, electromagnetic radiation, motion, expanding universe, heat etc.  The very same thing that is expressed through the non-living forms (what we call as non-living) is expressed through living forms as 'consciousness'.  Both energy and consciousness cannot be defined in very specific terms except through their expressions. It's because we see conversion from one form to another, between heat, light, motion, mass, binding energies etc, we attribute all of them to ONE factor called energy. It's because we see communication (signaling) within and between the forms, we attribute all of these to ONE factor called consciousness. Both these are simply what we see as 'witnesses'. They are witnesses

The 3 bhedas..

mahAperiyava simplified great concepts in his discourses. An example is this video of kAmu paati. Maha Periyava Experiences-Interviewed by Ganesa Sarma-01-Kamu Paatti-Anathandavaram - YouTube The way he simplified complex subjects, connecting them to science, was unparalleled. What kamu paati said here as mahAperiyavA explaining the telugu scholar is the jist of thousands of years of knowledge. Not sure how many realized it. The 'ONE' becomes many is the vedantic concept. This differentiation happens in 3 ways. Sajatiya bheda means differentiation within a species or a kind. No 2 human beings are same. No 2 cows are same. This is sajatiya bheda. Vijatiya bheda means differentiation across species or kinds. Human beings and cows are different. Svagata bheda is even within one self (say a human being) hands, legs, eyes, ears, nose, mouth are all different though they belong the same self. These 3 types of differentiation (bheda) is how evolution works.  If it is so, how can that