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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 30 - Vaisravana the Color Charge

The three legged Kuvera Background Before I discuss the Rg Veda Mandala 1 Hymn 24, Let us understand Vaisravana. If Apa are photons, then Vaisravana are Color Charge or more specific the Gluon Flux Tubes or Color Flux Tubes. Vaisravana is called Sriyam or having the property of Sri and hence the brother of Sri. Color charge is the property of matter that creates a multitude of fermions and hence the wealth of all the Universe.  That Vaisravana is Color Charge is understood from a reading of the Aruna Prashnam, which conveys that Apa are photons. TirodhA - Unmanifesting Breast abhdyas tirodha ajAyata tava vaiSravanas sadA tirodha ehi sapatnAn na: ye apo aSnanti kecana In the ocean (abdya)  of unmanifesing/disappearing breast (tirodha) was born (ajayata) your (tava) Vaishravana, rivals (sapatnan) always (sadA) come into (ehi)  this unmanifesting/disappearing breast (tirodha) as they (ye) confume/feed (asnanti) on some (kecana) of our (nah) Apa (Apo) In the ocean  of un