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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 3 (Brahma)

Brahma – The Gravity According to science, Gravity is the first property to be expressed by this energy and matter. According to current scientific understanding Gravity was the first force to be separated from a unified force-field. According to Puranas, Brahma is the first one to come out and symbolizes the start of creation in the Universe, as science talks about Gravity. Yet according to Vedas, Brahma is not the Supreme power. Similarly Gravity is just one aspect of force-field and not the supreme force-field in science. The Names and Faces of Brahma To understand more about Brahma, we need to understand his names. Brahma’s other names are Hiranyagarbah, Nabhija and KAncha. Hiranyagarbha  means one that has inert interior or inert uterus. Hiranya is interpreted as Gold as Gold is inert. Hiranya means the property of Gold, its inertness. ‘Brh’ma means one that is very large. Science says Gravity has the longest range (almost inifinite). Gravity is indeed Brhma (very l