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kAsi panchakam

Background kAsi panchakam explains what is kAsi  kAsi is a 'tirtha'. 'tirtha' is a sacred place. When does any place become sacred place..? In short kAsi panchakam says, a place becomes sacred when there is the detached observer (Shiva) and a flow of knowledge (Ganga) in that place.  Such a tirtha with Ganga and Shiva is called kAsi. Over a period this has descended into the physical forms of Ganga and Shiva. kAsi panchakam steps in and explains what indeed is that Shiva and Ganga. The entire Universe is kAsi, as there is detached observer and flow of knowledge in it. Our body is kAsi, as there is detached observer and flow of knowledge in it.  From very ancient times, the city of varanasi has been a center of knowledge. Scholars from across the world came to kAsi and hence there was flow of knowledge in the city. Shiva, the detached observer, resided in kAsi in various forms. Scholars in kAsi were also working on the knowledge of realizing that self, the detached obser

Tripura Sundari Ashtakam

Background Shiva is Energy. Three eyes of Shiva, the energy are the three sources of energy external to all matter forms. They are Dark Energy that expands the Universe, Cosmic Microwave Background that radiates over the Universe's space and Vacuum energy that fills the otherwise empty space. These three are the three eyes or sources of Shiva, the energy. Tripura- Sundari The energy that fills up the matter forms, as their 'internal energy' is Easwari. This internal energy is made of Potential (Uma) energy and Kinetic (durgA) energy. This internal energy that fills the matter forms is also called 'nArAyaNi' because it has 2 components that are 'Usable' (Lakshmi) that becomes energy of matter forms and 'Unsuable' (Sarasvati) that becomes entropy of matter forms. Same way, the energy that fills the 3 dimensions of the four dimensional space is called tri-pura-sundari. It is the vacuum energy as in modern science.  Since the vacuum energy makes the othe

Eight arrows of time - Kala bhairava ashtakam

Background Shiva is the underlying Energy, in matter evolution. Shiva is consciousness in biological evolution. kAzi means that’s manifested, shining, glittering. The city of varanasi was called kAzi because it was a glittering city. The entire Universe is kAzi. The ruler of this kAzi, the manifested Universe is Shiva, the property of energy in matter domain, the property of consciousness in biological domain. More precisely the ruler of all manifestations is the kAla bhairava, the eight time-irreversible events and processes that evolve the material Universe out of energy. kAla bhairava are also the eight time-irreversible processes that evolve higher intelligence out of consciousness.  These eight irreversible events/processes are are the eight arrows of time in modern science.  Arrows of time In the ‘matter evolution’, there are eight arrows of time. Arrow of time are those processes or events that are not time-reversible. It means, once it has happened, it is not realistic/possibl