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Evolution of Soul..?

I had an interesting, thought provoking discussion with Sashank Sriram on my Vedic studies blog. I thought of presenting it for a larger discussion. While I may sound like dismissive of many spiritual practices, I just want to clarify that I am not. I am just presenting an alternative, rational approach which I believe was the approach of Rishis who were indeed scientists of their age. Sashank Sriram Hi, I just read your blog on Vedic Studies and it is very interesting. You described the purpose of existence as the expansion and evolution of the Supreme Soul. I just have some questions in mind and I would really like it if you answer it to me.If the purpose of the soul is to evolve continuously, until it reaches a state of absolute knowledge, then I understand  that the soul was immature at the beginning of the universe. Is that what you meant..? What was in existence before the creation of the universe? My Answer Very good and great question Sashank Sriram Thanks.

Aditya Hrdayam Again Part 31 - Mitra-Varuna Bonding

Background  While the true knowledge of the Vedic scriptures seem to have been lost, the core or essence of it were well understood in the past, compared to the present. In particular the essence of the roles of various forces or devas and how they interplay were well understood and known.   Over a period even that understanding of that essence got lost. Though I do not want to put a date around these, with rise of Jainism and Buddhism, which came up based on the research of the ‘Self’, the true understanding of the devas were fully lost. Probably, the vedic dharma became more ‘religionized’ than ever before. For eg., the Vedic dharma has always shown ‘BrAhman’ which means expansion or evolution as the goal and vehicle of the ‘Self’. This meant we need to keep evolving in our knowledge. But Jainism, Buddhism brought in ‘Nirvana’ as the Goal of life. Sankara brought in ‘Moksha’ as an equivalent. These influences, though they changed the characteristics of the dharma, did not chang