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The Spooky action at a distance..

Energy and consciousness has to be 'looked at' as 'that are behind evolution'. They cannot be defined in absolute terms, but whose effects can be perceived in the Universe's matter and biological evolution. They are said to be 'witness' or 'sAkSi' that never changes, always observing, detached from all the evolutionary changes.

This energy or consciousness that is behind the evolution, the unmaifest puruSa is Shiva. That manifests and keeps evolving, the prakRti, is Uma, durga, parvati, Amba, etc etc..

My guess is the biological evolution mimicks the matter evolution in ditto. As whatever we call as energy drove the appearance and evolution of complex matter forms, whatever we call consciousness drove the appearance and evolution of complex biological forms, in the same pattern. 

My understanding is whatever we call as energy and whatever we call as consciousness are same, just expressed through different forms at different levels.

For example, particles-antiparticle pairs arise in quantum domain, but the classical domain is created by matter forms made of atoms. Similarly, the earliest polymerase chains in which consciousness perturbations could aggregate and express themselves, lead to expression of pairs as in 'base-pairs' of genetic materials, whose aggregations and combinations lead to more and more expressions leading to cells (like atoms for matter) which becomes the basis for biological forms.

This evolution is not stopping, as the Universe evolves through next 7+ billion years. For eg. as biological evolution happened, beings moved away from underlying consciousness driven actions (say instincts) to more logical thinking driven actions (got disconnected more and more from our 'instincts').

In this evolutionary scheme, human beings logical processing/thinking ability could be the next stage of evolution or starting of the next stage of evolution. This represents a 'base-pair' like breaking-point in terms of biological evolution, as the evolved logical thinking ability is a stepping stone for consciousness to express itself in more complex and varied ways. 

For eg., as we create more complex artificial/external intelligence and adapt our natural intelligence to them (even primitive machines are external intelligence and we adapted to them improving our intelligence in that process), our natural intelligence adapts to more complex AI and will evolve more. This could lead to different kinds of species in future.

In this environment, the quantum and consciousness entanglement that we are talking about is at the level of underlying base-pairs or at the level of underlying logical thinking or thoughts.

Let's say in a closed society, a good percentage of people meditate, the other section of people may get influenced at very low level, even without any external communication. Let's say there is a genetic modification in some population due to some environmental factors, some other population may also get some modification without even being influenced by the same environmental factors.

But then, the above is total pseudo-science as of now, which is what 'spooky action at a distance' in quantum mechanics was for long time.