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Aditya Hrdayam Again -Part 61 - The Twelve Aditya

Background In the last blog, we saw the concept of 'Creative' energy (Aditi) and 'Destructive' energy (Diti). These are in standard model. Various Creative energies in the standard Model caused by Higgs, Strong, electromagnetic forces are the Aditya, the derivative of Aditi, the Creative energy. The energies that manifest in Weak force field are the 'Daityas', the derivative of 'Diti' the destructive energy. In purAnas and in the later day stories, this Creative and Destructive energy became morphed into various forms that we see now. The destructive energy of weak force-field became the 'negative' or 'evil' forces and creative energy of Higgs, Strong, Electromagnetic became the 'positive' or 'good' forces. But in reality, the Weak force field, though destructive is a 'creative' force as it leads to various particles and processes (radioactive) that we observe today without which Universe cannot evolve. H