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Design pattern in our scriptures...

Background This post is a summary of understanding of my analysis of scriptures, surfing across them at a top-level. I had made a detailed post on understanding of matter domain, in depth earlier.  This is my understanding in broader terms. Divinities represent a design pattern In my understanding, there is a design pattern in evolution across matter domain and biological/consciousness domain. Several of our vedic divinities just represent the design pattern. This design pattern is probably causing the confusions or the multiplicity in our understanding, as the design pattern straddles multiple domains. Energy and consciousness are not different. They represent the same fundamental unit of design pattern. Energy is the underlying property of physical Universe. Consciousness is underlying property of biological beings.  Of course the biological/consciousness domain evolves on top of the matter domain. But both are Shiva. Shiva just indicates this design pattern. Mass and Manas are not d

Does Rgveda indicate speed of light..?

Background There are a lot of internet 'stories' and 'posters' talking about Rg veda indicating the speed of light. Here is my analysis of it. Rk Veda sloka 1.50  ud u tyaM jÀtavedasaM devaM vahanti ketavaH dRZe vizvÀya sUryam apa tye tÀyavo yathÀ nakSatrÀ yanty aktubhiH sUrÀya vizvacakSase adRzram asya ketavo vi razmayo janÀM anu bhrÀjanto agnayo yathÀ  taraNir vizvadarzato jyotiSkRd asi sUrya  vizvam À bhÀsi rocanam Translation Indeed agni deva (jatavedasam deva) carry (vahanti) the brightness (ketavaH), the sight of the suryas of the Universe (drze visvaya suryam), away (apa) the progression as if/like naksatras (tayavo yatha naksatras) by the night (aktubhih), the Universal sight of surAs (surAya vizva caksase) seen of the brightness (adrzam asya ketava)  reins of the janA (vi razmayo janAm) nearly burn (anu bhrajanta) as if in agni (agnayo yatha) moving forwards (taraNi) conspicious/visible universally (vizva darsata) creating the flames (jyotis krd) exists (asi) s