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The five puruSas - Part 2

We call those forms with 'consciousness' as biological or having life. But then what is consciousness..? From microbes like virus, bacteria to animals including human beings, we see certain symptoms of life. Biological beings metabolize, grow, reproduce, die and evolve. We say such beings have consciousness. What we are seeing are the effects of consciousness. Consciousness causes either electrical signaling or chemical signaling in biological beings that runs growth, metabolism, homeostasis etc etc. This signaling serves as the underlying platform for life. Thus we define consciousness by the effects of signaling. But can we define consciousness more than this..? No. we can define consciousness only by its effects. Then why we are defining all the effects of signaling to just one cause called consciousness..? Why can't it be multiple causes..? Because we see this evolution of biological being into another across the evolutionary chain. Hence we map all of them to one consc

Surya mandala stotram

Carl sagan says “Ancient tamil festival of Pongal is not just celebration of harvest (unlike other festivals), as it marks return of Sun (Uttarayana), leading to earth’s seasonal cycles. As there is an evolutionary cycle of life & death in Earth due to its dance around sun, there is an evolutionary cycle of birth and death of cosmos itself, according to Hindu religion”.  Same way, the worship of Sun is deeper than what it appears. Sun runs a process “nucleosynthesis” in which atomic nuclei is formed and energy is released. This process runs from Big-Bang to all stars, leading to creation of (heavier) elements and life. Vedic scriptures adore sUrya (sun) as savitr (exciter), this nucleosynthesis process.  Salutations to Savir, the ‘lone’ eye of the Universe, that causes birth, evolves and perishes all worlds says the sloka of "Namah savitre jagad eka cakSuse..." Savitr (exciter) is nucleosynthesis that creates atoms. Primitive atoms are born from Big Bang nucleosynthesis.