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Brhadharanyaka Upanishad - Chapter 6.4 (Part 1 - Menstruation)

Background Does Brhadharanyaka Upanishad (Br. Up.) Chapter 6.4 talk about wife beating..? When I read the traditional meanings, it does. But when I translated it, I did not find anything like that.  Rather I find a design pattern matching between agni invoked in stri to menstruation in women. I am translating Br. Up. Chapter 6.4.1 to 6.4.13 in part-1. Executive Summary This chapter is talking about how creation happened.  puruSa is the cause of creation and fruits carry the essence of that puruSa, because they carry the seeds and seeds are the basis of creation. Not just that, essence of one form is carried in another for furthering creation and that is the 'model'.  Like stone/mountain/land that emerges out of water, stri emerges out of puruSa to uphold that seed or nurturing creation. puruSa manifests as the 'atmanam' inside this striyam (or feminity). We perceive this atmanas as the 'aham' or 'self' between the breasts (heart) and middle of the eye-br

Sam Gachatvam - Song of Unity - 75th Independence anniversary

  On the eve of 75th anniversary of Indian Independence, Song of unity from Rgveda mandala 10 hymn 191 sung in tamil essence in english. Priests performing diverse actions in a Yajna tell Agni, they do diverse roles, but in Unison. In the Yajna of Nation Building, we can use the same verses, addressing them to our National flag, saying we will remain united in words, actions, hearts and mind (though with different roles and views).  Sam Gachatvam - Rg veda Mandala 10 Hymn 191 translation sung in tamil, essence in english with our national anthem  Singers - Latha Balaji, N.R.Chandrakumar