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The Puranic Ganapati...

The Puranic Ganapati Sloka The Puranic Ganapati derived its form and shape from the Rg Veda Ganapati. Probably people depicted the form and shape of Ganapati from the descriptions of Ganapati. The below sloka depicts the form and shape of Ganapati Mooshika vahana modaka hasta Chamara karna vilambita sootra Vamana roopa Maheswara putra Vigna-vinayaka paada namaste Mushika - Small Crucilble, Small box, Mouse Mushika Vahana - That is carried in a small Crucible Carried in a small crucible OR carried in a mouse Modaka - Sweetball in which the core (sweet) is hidden inside the layers Modaka hasta - One that possesses the sweetball Possessing a layered ball like structure that hides its core OR  Possessing a sweetball Chamara - Big fan-like Karana - from behind, behind, Ear Chamara Karna - Big fan-like (structure) from behind Big fan-like structure that emerges from behind OR Big fan-like ears Vilambita - hanging down, pendulous Sutr

The Rg Veda Ganapati

Introduction Ganapati is the 'Brain' of us. This was my explanation for the stotra starting 'Suklam Bhartram Vishnum'. In this blog I would explain the same with respect to the popular Rg Veda mantra that is recited before every  vedic ritual as prayer to Vinayaga. Rg Veda Mandala 2 Hymn 23.01 gaNAnAM tvA gaNapatiM havAmahe kaviM kavInAmupamashravastamam  jyeSTharAjaM brahmaNAM brahmaNas pata A naH SRNvannUtibhiH sIda sAdanam  - Rg Veda Mandala 2 Hymn 23.01 gaNAnAm - For the attendants tvA - you, thou gaNapatiM - Friend, Philosopher, Guide of those havAmahe - Invoke you to grant / Call upon u to grant The friend and guide of your attendants, Call upon you to grant kaviM - Intelligence, Wisdom kavInAm - of the Intelligent, of the Wise ones kaviM kavInAm - Intelligence (Wisdowm) of the Intelligent (Wise Ones) The wisdom of the wise o