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Tripura Rahasya - My understanding...

Dedicated to my friend Thirumurthy who asked a question on Tripura Rahasya and hence I wrote this  Quantum physics  says that our vacuum is filled with vibrations (Rudra) of Energy (Shiva).  These vibrations can exist at a high energy level  for a moment and be at a very low level another moment violating law of conservation of energy.  At specific energy levels, these vibrations  can manifest particle pairs (quarks, antiquarks, leptons/anti-leptons) which the Universe is made of.  Quantum physics says things can get created and destroyed without a cause.  It says a specific ‘cause’ may not preceed an effect or every effect may not have a cause (it could be probabilistic, random). There need not be any harmony in the Universe. For eg. a Higgs vacuum decay can destroy Universe for no reason, far beyond us. In Tripura Rahasya,  Dattatreya says “ Carvakas  say that some effects are not traceable to their efficient causes. There are occurrences without any antecedent causes. Just