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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 48 - Pancha Brahma Rudras - Part 1

Background The eleven rudras can be classified into those in which energy manifests and those in which mass manifests and those in which both energy and mass manifests. Energy manifests in Electro-weak-strong force-field (VirupAksha/Isana Rudra), Strong force-field (Shambhu/Vamadeva), Electro-weak force-field (vilohita/Tatpurusha/Pinakin), Electromagnetic force-field (Pingala/SadyojAta/Revata) and Dark Energy scalar field (nirrti). Mass manifests in Higgs field (Hara/Bhima), Dark Matter force-field (kapAli, aja, sahasraksha), Unified field of Higgs and Dark Matter (Ahirbudhnya/ Shankara). Energy and mass manifests in Dirac-fermi field (Tryambaka/Bhava) and Weak force-field (nilalohita/aparajita). A spatial dimension is bumped off by field that causes Quantum Entanglement (kapardin/kAla rudra). These together make eleven rudras.  Of these eleven we saw five rudras are color coded, in the last blog. They are Electro-weak-strong force-field (VirupAksha/White,

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 47 - Color Code of Rudras

Background How will a lay audience understand ‘four dimensional spacetime’..? The easy thing is to visualize a four headed Brahma. How do we say Rudras/force-fields manifest in the Brahma/spacetime..? The picturization is one Rudra came out of Brahma’s head, another came out of nose, another out of feet etc. How do we explain a force-field that penetrates the spacetime, that is everywhere and pierces everything ..? Picturize a ‘fierce’ god with lance/spear/sharp weapon penetrating, which pierces all. How do we explain a wave-function of a force-field, that depicts the probabilistic nature of force-fieds as well as their interaction with other fields, resulting in transfer of energy from one field to another..? Picture it as ‘Agni’, that transfers energy from wood to vessel, as a ‘flame’. How do we explain the deterministic, non-virbratory particle nature that manifests all along a force-field..? Picture them as ‘Ganas’ surrounding Rudra, the force-fields. This goes

Aditya Hrdayam Again Part 46 - Nothing other than Rudras..

Paradox of Cosmological constant and Vacuum energy value What we call as vacuum is actually absence of particles as we know them. But Brahma (our expanded spacetime) is teeming with energy of different force-fields, according to science. These force-fields have energy and it is called ‘vacuum energy’. When vacuum energy crosses a threshold particles and antiparticles manifest.  There is a theory that this vacuum energy density in space could be causing the expansion of spacetime. This estimated vacuum energy density (in spacetime) from quantum physics is a huge value. The cosmological constant (the vacuum energy density) that is generally believed to be the reason for expansion of spacetime (as computed by Einstein) and is derived from cosmological observations based on spacetime expansion, is relatively smaller value, by 100’s of times. This is a paradox. I had explained this in the last several posts. Rudra the force-fields manifest on Brahma But if we understand t