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durgA suktam - Kinetic Energy

Uma means quiet. It is potential. dur-gA means impassable. It is kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is impassable in the manifesting Universe as we can never reach absolute zero (3rd law of thermodynamics). durgA suktam explains how durgA is kinetic energy. It says durgA is the 'ship' that carries the 'fire'. Fire is carried by the 'kinetic energy of molecules' that make them move from one place to another. durgA is this kinetic energy that carries the fire. durgA suktam says durgA manifests as heat (tapasa), light rays (gobhir) and fast movement (su tarasi). Kinetic energy indeed manifests into 3 forms. Heat, Light and Mechanical movement (sound, physical motion etc..). Thus durgA the kinetic energy is the underlying of all manifesting Universe out of which the knowledge, wealth and power in the Universe grows. Hence she is like the little girl who grows into different forms of beautiful women. durgA suktam translation sung in tamil essence in english https://yout