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The stories of Ganesha and Karthikeya

Ganesha and kArthikeya fighting for jnAna fruit The story of Ganesha and Karthikeya fighting for 'jnAna' fruit is a familiar one. The basic story is like this. Shiva and Shakti want to give a 'fruit' of jnAna/wisdom to their sons. But the challenge is it cannot be apportioned or divided between them. It has to be given completely and hence to only one of them. So they hold a challenge. Whoever comes around the Universe first, they would get the jnAna fruit completely. Karthikeya mounts his peacock and goes around the Universe. Ganesha simply goes around his parents and claims that parents are his Universe. Ganesha gets the jnAna fruit. This story is interpreted in various ways with different philosophical masks and meanings. I see this story differently. I think it is interpreted as a 'story' from scientific explanation of a physical event that happens everyday. Shiva is energy. Shakti is Momentum. The 'fruit' they are giving is 

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 58 - Particles, Charges and Interactions

Background In the last 2 blogs I had described the ‘scalar’, vector and spinor fields and particles that rise from the spinor field. Apart from Sura, Asura, Rakshasa and Yaksha, there are few other celestial beings that are talked about in Vedas and Puranas. They are Daitya, Aditya, Apsaras, Gandharva and Devas. Let’s go into these.. Force-fields as abodes and weapons Shiva is energy. Vishnu is mass. Then there are three fundamental Quantum Vector force-fields. They are Strong, Weak and Electromagnetic force-fields. There is a Scalar force-field which is Higgs.  The force-fields are either ‘celestial abodes’ or ‘celestial weapons’.   They are ‘abodes’ of Energy (Shiva), Mass (Vishnu) or Charge (Yama). Strong force-field are abode of Energy (Shiva). This is kailAsa. Weak force field are abode of Mass (Vishnu). This is vaikuNTha. Electromagnetic force-field are abode of Charge (Yama). This is Yamaloka. These force-fields are weapons when they deliver the ‘forces’ in

Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 57 - Particles of Spinor field

Background In the last blog I explained how 'foam' is the Scalar field, 'conch' is the spinor field, 'Chakra' and other weapons are the 'Vector' fields of the Standard Model. Let's see about the excitations that arise from these fields in this blog. Conch - The Panchajanya - Pancha Jana Conch is the Spinor, spin-½ field. The excitation of Spinor field or conch gives rise to a class of particles called fermions. All the Universal matter are made of fermions. Thus it is said that the Universe arises out of the ‘sound’ (excitation) of the Conch. The fermions are of five types or five races. They are called the ‘Pancha Jana’ in Vedas. The pancha jana are  quarks antiquarks electrons positrons and  neutrinos.  These are five races because each race has number of particles based on flavor, color and handedness. Handedness is the Right-handed and left-handed (Chirality) that applies to all the five races. This is the