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The dance of Shiva - Energy in Spacetime

Background If Shiva is Energy, Why is Shiva (Energy) said to be dancing..? The Names and Faces of Brahma Brahma’s other names are Hiranyagarbah and KAncha. Hiranyagarbha means one that has inert interior or inert uterus. Hiranya is interpreted as Gold as Gold is inert. Hiranya means the property of Gold, its inertness. ‘Brh’ma means one that is very large. Science says Gravity has the longest range (almost inifinite). Gravity is indeed Brhma (very large). In Vishnu Purana, Sage Parasara says the word Brahma is derived from root 'Vriha' which means increasing as it is infinite in reach. Ka-Ancha means ‘Who bends/inclines’. HiranyaGarbha - Four dimensional spacetime curvature HiranyaGarbha, which means inert Uterus, is curved all along (egg-shaped). It is actually the four dimensional spacetime inside which the Universe evolves. Four dimensional spacetime is like the Uterus for the Universe. If HiranyGarbha is spacetime, Brahma is Gravity, how do these two

Aditya Hrdayam Part 35 - Quantum and Classical domains

Background Before I continue with Vishnu Sasharanama to complete our understanding of Vrsakapi, let me take a moment to describe my understanding till now in a jist. It is important to understand the next stanzas of VSN. Quantum and Classical domains Vedas are Cosmic science. There are two domains in Science. The Quantum domain of sub-atomic particles and Classical domain of atomic particles, chemical compounds and biological life. Indra (Baryons), Varuna (quark-antiquark pairs), Soma (Strong force mediated by gluons), Mitra (QGP), Apa (EM force mediated by photons), Yama (Weak force mediated by W Bosons), kAla (Higgs force mediated by Higgs Boson), Dhanada (property of Color Charge), Vrsakapi (Residual nuclear force), Vasu (nucleons)  et al belong to the Quantum domain of Sub-atomic particles. Purusha (Dark matter), Shiva (Energy), Shakti (Momentum), Vishnu/Madhu (Inertia), mAyA (rest-mass), Hiranyagarbha (spacetime),Brahma (Gravity) et al belong to the classical