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Vishnu Shatpadi Stotram

Background All forms in the Universe with 'property of mass' are called 'matter forms'. These matter forms are said to be six-footed or grounded with six properties, because of their property of 'mass'. The six properties are 1. All matter forms with mass are 'real' (not virtual), get annihilated and become energy.  2. All matter forms get impacted by Electromagnetic radiation by absorption, reflection or physical scattering. The property of mass is like the pollens that propagate more matter forms by Light/EM radiation. 3. All matter forms travel at non-relativistic speeds or less than the speed of light, due to their property of mass. Hence they are also subjected to 'time'. Thus they can never become timeless. 4. All matter forms have a 'temperature' or some kinetic energy. They can never reach absolute zero. Hence the property of mass always help manifest and never casts aside to zero. 5. All matter forms occupy space physically in va