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Krishnashtakam in tamil - essence in english

 Happy Gokulashtami..

A translation of Adi Shankaras ‘Vasudeva sutam devam..’, sung in tamil, essence in english..

mahAperiyavA says, since it’s not feasible to realize the unlimited form, we have a limited form on which we develop devotion. This devotion on limited form (bhakti) should lead to tattva of the unlimited form (jnAnA). Krishna is said to be the Upanishadic sArAMsa. If Yashoda tied Krishna to a tree/mortar, does it mean she tied the upanishadic sArAMsA to tree or mortar..?

This concept is espoused beautifully in Krishnashtakam, wherein Adi Shankara depicts the beauty of limited form of Krishna but bows down to him as Jagad-guru.

In matter domain, Shiva is Energy, Vishnu is mass. In biological domain, Shiva is consciousness, Vishnu is the ‘manas’.

Vishnu descends into several avatars in terms of particles with mass or biological beings with manas. rAma tattva is manas with beautiful thoughts, no fear or arrogance, extremely kind, follows dharma. Krishna tattva is Ultimate ‘Guru’, Atman or Supreme Soul, which manifests as ‘manas-sAksi’ in manas.

A guru guides our manas like conscience or manas-sAksi. Krishna’s teachings to Arjuna are learnings from his very own life, delivered not just to Arjuna but to the whole-world. Hence Krishna is the jagat-guru who guides our manas to overcome all our life challenges like he did in his own life.

What are those..? See in the video.

Krishnashtakam lyrics in tamil


  1. Hi, I read your articles with utmost interest. Read few scriptures also but recently I lost my husband in second wave of Covid. A very loving husband, devoted son and caring father. It’s unbearable to lose such a wonderful soul and it has left me shattered . All my Janna occurred through reading upanishads, Geeta and doing meditation daily could not bring me peace of mind. I feel I have theoretical knowledge and when practical test came in front of me, I score zero.
    How to be at peace with me? Any insights.

    1. We have two 'self' inside. A detached witnessing self and an attached enjoying self. No living being is excluded from this. We are 'at peace' when these two self do what they are supposed to do and in balance with each other. Your enjoying self is impacted now. A cure for poison of attachment is another poison of attachment. Attach yourself to a fruitful work, however big or small it is, whose fruits you watch through your detached self. As your enjoying self recovers, you will be at peace. What I wrote is plain psychology as well as what our scriptures say.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I would definitely try to follow.


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