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kAliya narthanam - kAlinga narthanam - What is it about..?

We often think kalinga nartanam is the mercy shown by krishna on vrndavan residents. 

I see it as mercy shown by krishna on kaliya, the serpent. kaliya was afraid of garuda. This fear lead him to live in depths of the lake, develop wrath as a tool to keep away from everyone. Krishna danced on kaliya's hoods, removed his fears, reduced his wrath and made him go back to his original habitat. It is Krishna's blessings on kAliya.

Our fears make us develop wrath on others. If we allow Krishna to dance on our hoods, he will drive away our fears, remove our wrath, will enable us live with our svadharma, in our original habitat. It's all about krishna's mercy on kaliya, on us.