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Can we get rid of our Karma..? How..?

Can we get rid of our Karma..? How..?

Karma is collective and not individualistic. Like a pebble in a pond, your karma ripples after everything in the pond of consciousness/energy affecting every living and non-living that comes its way. 

Karma always arises in pairs like particles-anti-particles. The seed of the opposing force is in the force itself, like the laws of motion. Your effect (good or bad is your perception) produces its counter-effect. But that counter effect may not be the same magnitude of as the effect. Over a period, eventually, the counter effects acquire the same magnitude as that of several effects combined and that counter effect could be extremely powerful. Such counter effects could destroy the society or planet and start everything once again.

For eg. if society is pulled to one side due to karma of some people, then it will be pulled to other side at some point with a huge force and that pulling can destroy the societal fabric. But yes, it could destroy the individual also. How...?

Every one of us leave some karma accumulated this way or that way.  But that accumulation is not on 'us' fully. Some part of our karma is left on our body and some are left on our mind. Some part of karma is left on the society.  The counter-effects on our body and mind are also at times immediate and at times delayed. If it is delayed then it is the superposition of several counter effects and could destroy our body or mind.

For eg, we take contaminated food and there's an immediate effect on our body, but mostly we address it (except if toxicity levels are too high). We take food that impacts our organs a little and there's a slow impact but that slow impact suddenly pulls the whole body to other side and often the organs can never recover from it. 

This is the science behind ayurveda where they classify the food and the body as sattvik (pitta/nervous sytems), rajasic (kapha/metabolism) and tamasic (vAta/immune system). Our body is often not balanced. We use our body in excess in nervous or its metabolism or immune systems due to the nature of work we perform in the society. So they recommend appropriate balancing food. 

Same way with mind. We can become more logical (sattvic), emotional (rajasic) or irresponsive (lack of logic and emotion) based on what we learn from our young age. Now if we go too much on one side, the counter-effect of its builds up in our mind and explodes at some point. It could lead us to being brutal on others or brutal on ourselves or become bio-mass for others.  But if we keep balancing out ourselves from young-age we live a normal life. 

Same thing happens to anything living or non-living in the Universe. Depending on our perception we call some karma good and some karma bad.

How do we ensure we really balance it all..? There's no specific solution, but one way is to have a detached self. 

Your self is the driver in a vehicle. Your mind is the engine and body is the truck.  If you merge your self with engine then you can go great speeds but will destroy the truck. If you merge your self with truck, then you will not move.  Make your self detached from engine and the truck and as the witness or sAksi of these two. Understand your engine and truck as an independent witness, like a driver.

Analyse your own thoughts and actions as you will analyse other's thoughts and actions. You can minimize your effects on the society. That's also the way to live free, detached and contended. What this does is you don't drive your engine or truck to one side and build up a huge counter-effect, but drive as much as possible on the road itself.