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Quantum Entanglement

Q: Someone asked what quantum entanglement, and this is my rant to them. 

Quantum Entanglement as we know it now

At quantum level all particles are entangled in their properties though they get separated by large distances. It means change in property of one particle affects change in the entangled property of another particle though they may be far far away. For eg 2 photos originating from one electron will have their quantum properties entangled.  It means that even  if these photons are at opposite points on earth, a change in one property of the photon will instantly change the property of another photon.

This leads to non localization and  appears to violate speed of light as change travels faster than light. This is what we define by scientific investigations. 

From here its my own understanding. 

Quantum Entanglement from puranic story

Quantum entanglement is in some ways like genetics of living beings, in terms of inheritance, in the sense the properties of parent particle determine the properties of child particles. 


This similar to story of Brahma's 5th head in puranas. Brahma, the four dimensional spacetime on which rudras (force-fields)  and maruts (particles) originate had originally five faces. The fifth face followed wherever brahma's daughter (children) went through and hence shiva (the energy) plucked the fifth head and retained a stub. This is like energy originated in 5 dimensions but as the entangled property flows through all the particles, but the 5th dimension got shortened. The 3 dimensions are space we see and hidden fourth dimension is perceived as time by us. The 5th dimension is where the entire universe is entangled.

As of now we know spacetime is 4 dimensional. If spacetime is Brahma or Hiranyagarbha, then originally it has 5 heads and one head was plucked out and shortened by shiva because that head 'followed' wherever brahma's creations went.  So it's like spacetime has 5 dimension and not 4 dimensions.  As properties of particles entangle in the fifth dimension, they flow through all follow all particles that originate.  But the dimension became too short (in puranic stories Shiva cut off the head).

Quantum Entanglement makes Universe one family  

In the above example photons originating from electron are entangled. Electron as it originated from another particle is entangled with it's mother particle. that particle again is entangled with where it originated from. it goes back back and almost all the particles are entangled in that 5th dimension which is very short dimension.  It's like say a large family or jAti. some two people start a jAti and assuming that their children marry within each other, become the root of a tree. From there generations and generations of human beings originate. A child is entangled with its mother and father through the property of genetics. But mother and father are entangled with their parents and it goes back and back and back. Ultimately a child may express some characteristics of some other person in some other branch in that tree.

Hence Quantum Entanglement makes the entire Universe belong to one family, the family of Shiva, the unmanifest observer component and Shakti, the manifesting energy inside matter forms.

Entanglement is not exactly genetics because effect of entanglement is instantaneous. For eg., a particle's characteristics changes at one place and at another place far way the entangled particle property changes.  But in genetics, characteristics are expressed, but people are not entangled. But such entanglement is possible in consciousness domain. 

Quantum entanglement in thoughts...?

If Shiva is Energy as well as consciousness, then our consciousness is and thoughts that appear in our consciousness also entangled in 5th dimension in some ways.  It means that when there's a thought that originates in one place another entangled thought appears in another place. So this is one reason, why colloquially good thoughts are said to lead to good effects even when human beings are disconnected. That's why vedic recitations for world peace or joint invocations/worships by people or group meditation are said to yield good effects. This is ofcourse pseudo-science as of now. 

This also leads to the entire universe being the play of lalita or shakti (manifest energy) dictated probably by the unmanifest observer component of energy (purusa or shiva) or 'His will'. The same pattern is followed with lakshmi (manifest particles or wealth) dictated probably the observer component of matter, the Higgs interaction that leads to masses in quarks and electrons (purusa or vishnu).  But ultimately what underlies mass and energy are one and the same.