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Design pattern in Energy and Consciousness...

Energy and Consciousness are same, as I understand from vedic texts, scriptures associated with it and also whatever I understand from science. How..?

Energy is something that we cannot define except through its expressions of  mass, binding energies locked inside matter forms, electromagnetic radiation, motion, expanding universe, heat etc.  The very same thing that is expressed through the non-living forms (what we call as non-living) is expressed through living forms as 'consciousness'. 

Both energy and consciousness cannot be defined in very specific terms except through their expressions. It's because we see conversion from one form to another, between heat, light, motion, mass, binding energies etc, we attribute all of them to ONE factor called energy. It's because we see communication (signaling) within and between the forms, we attribute all of these to ONE factor called consciousness.

Both these are simply what we see as 'witnesses'. They are witnesses because they cannot be changed or influenced. They are just there. They are only 'sAksi'. Whatever we do we cannot create energy or create consciousness. However, we can create vehicles (matter forms or biological beings) that carry them.

How energy plays a role in the matter evolution, the same way consciousness plays a role in the biological evolution. Shiva is that energy. Shiva is that consciousness.  Zi-va means in which everything lies. For matter forms it is energy and for biological forms it is consciousness. 

Shakti is the external expression of energy as well as consciousness. There are six external forms of energy viz., mass, binding energy, EM radiation, motion, expansion of space and heat. There are six external forms of consciousness viz., manas and the five indriyas (seeing, hearing, touch, smell and taste).

That's why Shankara says Shiva cannot move without Shakti, as shakti is the external expression and shiva is just the witness.


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