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How did the Universe form..?

If I mix my understanding of vedic scriptures with science with a little bit of imagination, this is how universe/multi-verses keep getting formed.

A scalar field is a distribution of a particular scalar quantity. At the beginning there are two 'scalar' fields one in which whatever we call 'energy' is distributed and another which interacts with this energy and condenses/freezes it from moving. I call the energy field as dark energy scalar field and the condensing field as Higgs' (Higgs prime) field.

An analogy is large mass of ocean of frozen ice (water is like energy but frozen due to a field that impedes the water's movement). This is the 'hima', 'himavat', 'himavan', 'hi' in our vedic scriptures.

While water analogy is in 3 dimensional space, this frozen energy occurs in a 5 dimensional space.

Though energy is frozen, there are small perturbations that keep happening, as the Higgs' field does not condense/freeze energy all over. And randomly at some point these perturbations accumulate and energy gets released suddenly at this point.

Now we have a region where the dark energy scalar field is free (from the condensing field) and whatever we call 'energy' that quantity is distributed all through.

An analogy is a sudden appearance of mass of water inside a largely frozen icy ocean. One mass of water is one universe. There could be multiple such masses of water in this never-ending frozen icy ocean.  So there could be multiple universes getting created, as and when perturbation accumulate at a region.

But when this freeing up of energy occurs, it occurs in four dimensions, while the 5th dimension is 'shortened'.

Again the analogy is, in the 3 dimensional ocean of ice, when islands of water appear, any water movement is in just 2 dimensions (not in 3rd dimension, as there are no 'waves').

At first a small amount of energy gets freed up as above.  As energy moves in this space, this is followed by a larger 'crack' in which a much larger space gets filled with energy freed from condensation.

Again the analogy is, the perturbations in ice at first creates a small crack filled with water, followed by a much larger breakdown in which this crack expands and a larger water body is formed in the ocean of ice.

Pretty much this could be happening in all the multi-verses (or multiple cracks filled with water) or each one could follow a different pattern, some overlapping with another.

The scalar quantity that we call as 'energy' is the 'Shiva'. The condenser is the Vishnu.   The water (or energy) that forms in this ocean of ice is the Hiranyagarbha, the four dimensional space time (or brahma).  Shiva and Vishnu are puruSa, the observers or sAksis, whom we can only infer through the effects. If we believe puruSa sukta, then this original 'crack' that happened was just ten angulas and that's what expanded into all Universe as we see it now with stars, galaxies, planets and all the matter evolution. The fifth head of brahma gets plucked/shortened during expansion of energy (shiva plucks it) and brahma becomes the four dimensional/four headed spacetime. The oceans referred to in our scriptures are oceans of energy and land is the 'mass' that comes due to Higgs interaction (will talk about it later).

The stories of Shiva residing in colden peaks of kailasa (energy condensed at the start), shiva appearing as a pillar of light (as it is released energy) etc arise from these.  Vishnu is padma-nabha (the large pedestal navel roughly) for this reason. In the frozen ocean of energy condensed by vishnu,  a small pool of energy released in between, in which the Universe evolves is like Universe manifesting in the small navel of a large body.

While all matter forms exist in a 3 dimensional space, the fourth dimension of space impacts the matter forms as  'time'

Now pretty much the same pattern happens also in the consciousness evolution in biological beings.