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Quantum and Consiousness entanglement..

If you think I am starting crazy, then I am going to end this post crazier..


A dark energy scalar field which is a field that distributes whatever we call as energy and a Higgs prime field that condenses whatever we call as energy were bound together resulting in a large ocean of frozen ice like structure, in a five dimensional space. But this freezing is not complete and there are perturbations of energy happening at some locales as the condensing field is not able to condense energy completely and when these perturbations accumulate in a region, a large amount of energy gets released and a Universe is born like a patch of water is born in an ocean of ice.  Yes, there could be multiple patches of water or multiple universes born at multiple locales. The released energy drives the evolution of that space to be filled with newer and more complex matter forms.

This could be the same thing happening to whatever we call as consciousness. Energy and consciousness follow the same 'design pattern' or simply same , just experienced/expressed at different levels.  Assume there is a field of consciousness and a field that condenses it all over, but imperfectly, resulting in lot of perturbations. In certain chemical combinations, the perturbations accumulate and a large patch of consciousness is released and a Biological being is born like a patch of water is born in an ocean of ice. Yes there are multiple patches of water or multiple biological beings in multiple locales. The released consciousness drives the evolution of the biological being to newer and more complex forms.

Shiva is the energy or consciousness. Vishnu is the condensing mass or manas. Brahma is the substrate on which this evolution happens, which is the spacetime or the body.

Five dimensional space..

So are we living in a five dimensional space..? The answer is could be. 

In their paper of 1938(1), Einstein and Bergmann were among the first to introduce the modern viewpoint in which a four-dimensional theory that coincides with Einstein-Maxwell theory at long distances is derived from a five-dimensional theory  with complete symmetry among all five dimensions. Einstein and Bergmann were very close to saying that although the equations of nature treat all five dimensions alike, the fifth dimension is much smaller in the world we live in and hence much harder to observe.

But then they drew back, modifying the theory in a  way that spoiled the five-dimensional symmetry.  According to Peter Bergmann (1), the reason was that the more symmetric version of the theory predicts the existence of a new long range field (a massless scalar field). In 1938, Einstein and Bergmann did not wish to make this prediction. 

The Kaluza-Klein theory, precursor to string theory, that tried unifying electromagnetic and gravitation also predicts a compactified fifth dimension (much like Einstein-Bergman) for the Unification. Ofcourse string theory calls for 10 dimensions.

Brahma's fifth head story..

If I match these with Hiranyagarbha and Brahma being the four dimensional space-time with three heads visible and fourth head perceivable, but not visible and the fact that originally Brahma had a fifth head which was plucked and shortened out by Shiva,  probably the space is indeed five dimensional, with fifth dimension plucked out by Shiva or compactified as in Kaluz-klein or according to Einstein-Bergman so short that we don't perceive its impact.

If we believe the purAnic stories Shiva plucked out the fifth head of Brahma because it started following 'zata-rUpa'.

zata-rUpa means hundreds of forms. She is said to be brahma's daughter, svyambhuva manu's wife. Svayambhuva manu means self-originating manu.  Manu in my view are particles with mass and all biological beings with manas.  

As the fifth head of brahma started following the hundreds of self-originating particles with mass, shiva, the energy cut it off and reduced it or compactified it so that this fifth dimension has little impact on them.

As the fifth head of brahma started following the hundreds of self-originating biological beings with consciousness, the consciousness cut it off and compactified it so that this fifth dimension has little impact on them.

The ten directions of shiva..

Furthermore Shiva is said to move in ten directions. As energy spreads in five dimensions of space (though fifth dimension is so compactified not to impact beings in other four dimensions), in each dimension it moves forward or backward, which brings in ten directions in five dimensions of space.

Is fifth dimension the source of Quantum Entanglement..?

Is it possible that this short/compactified fifth dimension common to all four dimensions, be the source of quantum entanglement..?

Particles spread across light years in four dimensional spacetime may share a common fifth dimension, which is very short. So any change in the properties of one of the particle gets reflected in another that are light years away, simply because they are 'one' particle at the fifth dimension.

Is consciousness entanglement also possible then.?

If consciousness is also five dimensional (as energy is five dimensional and energy & consciousness are either same or follow the same design pattern), then consciousness of beings far away are linked in the fifth dimension as one consciousness...?

What could be the implications of this consciousness entanglement (like quantum entanglement..)? 

One implication could be that at multiple different planets, the evolution of biological beings could follow a similar evolutionary pattern, but adapting to their local environments. This means that in any another planet similar to earth, we could find similar beings depending on the stage of evolution.

Second implication for human thought processes is, thoughts in different brains or chemical/electrical signaling that happens in biological bodies could share a common fifth dimension and hence change of thoughts in some place or change of of signaling in some body could affect another one remotely depending on how they are entangled in that 'fifth' dimension.

That sounds a lot like telepathy, but more than telepathy, it is not actually sending information, but simply perceiving the change of information in one place in another place.

This entanglement has a lot of potential to open up many theories, that are currently in the realm of pseudo-science. There could be many more implications. Do leave your feedback on other implications, as comments..