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Eight arrows of time - Kala bhairava ashtakam


Shiva is the underlying Energy, in matter evolution. Shiva is consciousness in biological evolution.

kAzi means that’s manifested, shining, glittering. The city of varanasi was called kAzi because it was a glittering city. The entire Universe is kAzi. The ruler of this kAzi, the manifested Universe is Shiva, the property of energy in matter domain, the property of consciousness in biological domain.

More precisely the ruler of all manifestations is the kAla bhairava, the eight time-irreversible events and processes that evolve the material Universe out of energy. kAla bhairava are also the eight time-irreversible processes that evolve higher intelligence out of consciousness. 

These eight irreversible events/processes are are the eight arrows of time in modern science. 

Arrows of time

In the ‘matter evolution’, there are eight arrows of time. Arrow of time are those processes or events that are not time-reversible. It means, once it has happened, it is not realistic/possible to go back.

For eg., a ball that is tossed up, slows to a stop, and falls is a case where recordings would look equally realistic forwards and backwards. The system is time symmetrical.  However, the process of the ball bouncing and eventually coming to a stop is not time-reversible. A backward replay of such a recording would not look realistic. Hence it is time-irreversible. 

These time irreversible events or processes are called 'Arrows of time'.

Increasing entropy or information content 

The eight arrows of time in matter evolution are eight ‘expressions’ of matter evolution, are associated with an increase in the ‘information content’ or entropy. Since entropy or information content always tend to increase due to the second law of thermodynamics, which is the ‘dharma’ (it would not look realistic if played backwards in time), entropy as well as these associated events/processes are also time-irreversible.

Eight arrows of time in matter evolution

Cosmological arrow of time - Universe is ever expanding, resulting in increased entropy or information content of the Universe. This is a time-irreversible process.

Radiative arrow of time - Quantum wave nature of energy that manifests as radiation in different force-fields, with increasing entropy or information content. This process is not time-irreversible.

Quantum decoherence arrow of time - Processes such as wavefunction collapse due to observer effect are not time reversible in quantum domain, as they keep increasing the entropy or overall information content.

Thermodynamic arrow of time - Heat flow between matter forms increases the Entropy or number of microstates of matter or information content (knowledge) and is not time irreversible.

Causal arrow of time - Matter evolution is driven by cause-effect relationships which also leads to increasing entropy or information content and are not time irreversible.

Weak force decay /particle physics arrow of time - Processes such as weak force decay and charge annihilation that causes of death of particles back to energy,  alter the entropy as they produce more massive or less massive particles and hence time irreversible.

Quantum entanglement arrow of time - Quantum entanglement processes also increase the entropy or information content and hence time-irreversible.

Psychological/Perceptual arrow of time - Perceptions (of any observers) keep changing, as the observation depends on entropy and cannot be reversed in time. For eg., the entropy or information content or knowledge of biological beings always increase and time-irreversible.

In short, the eight arrows of time trace the irreversible evolution of Universe in this sequence
1. Expanding dark energy - Cosmological arrow of time
2. Manifestation of energy in different force-fields - Radiative arrow of time
3. Particle nature of force-fields - Quantum decoherence
4. Heat flow between particles evolving them to matter forms - Thermodynamic arrow of time
5. Cause-effect of different processes and events affecting one another - Causal arrow of time
6. Processes such as weak decay or charge annihilation causing death of particles back to energy  -Particle physics/ Weak decay arrow of time
7. Continuous entanglement of properties of particles causing non-localization effects - Quantum entanglement arrow of time
8. Arising of consciousness with memory and volition - Perceptual arrow of time.

Eight arrows of time in consciousness evolution

Consciousness with memory and volition arises on top of the matter evolution. Consciousness starts evolving in the same design patter as matter evolution with eight arrows of time.

These eight arrows of time or eight processes or events that are time-irreversible, which means they cannot be played back in any realistic way, once they are expressed. They move only in forward direction. Hence they are the eight kala bhairavas in our consciousness evolution.

The eight arrows of time in consciousness evolution are

1. Expanding ability of consciousness similar to cosmological arrow of time
2. Arising of thoughts on consciousness similar to Radiative arrow of time
3. Expression of thoughts similar to Quantum decoherence arrow of time
4. Flow of thoughts between beings binding and detaching them similar to thermodynamics/heat-flow arrow of time
5. Karmic actions of beings similar to causal arrow of time
6. Death of beings similar to particle/weak decay arrow of time
7. Ubiquitous presence of the observer in every domain similar to quantum entanglement arrow of time
8. Internal detached Observer in the consciousness that guides on the right path similar to perceptual arrow of time

All these processes/events are time-irreversible and hence are eight arrows of time.

Kala bhairava ashtakam

Stanza 1

Vyaala-Yajnya-Suutram-Indu-Shekharam Krpaakaram |
Naarada-[A]adi-Yogi-Vrnda-Vanditam Digambaram
Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje

தேவராஜன் சேவைசெய்யும்  அகிலமேக அடித்தளம்
கோர யாகம் ஒருங்கிணைக்கும் நிலவு தாங்கும் அருள்முகம்
நாரதமுனி முனிவர்க்கூட்டம் வணங்கிடும் வளிமண்டலம்
காசிகாபுரத்தின் நாதன் காலபைரவம் துணை

The ‘lotus’ platform served even by Indra (King of devas), the blissful face that integrates the evolutionary sacrifice, the ‘space’ that all the muni’s from Naradha submit to, is irreversibly expanding consciousness in the biological domain or the expanding energy in matter domain. This irreversibly expanding consciousness is similar to the cosmological arrow of time.

Stanza 2

Bhaanu-Kotti-Bhaasvaram Bhavaabdhi-Taarakam Param
Niila-Kannttham-Iipsita-Artha-Daayakam Trilocanam |
Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje 

கோடி சூர்யர் ஒளிரச்செய்யும் தோற்றம்தாண்டி திகழ் சித்தம்
நீலகண்டம் வேண்டும்பொருள் தந்திடுமே முக்கண்ணும்
காலன் வெல்லும் அகில மைய்யம் மைய்யம் தாங்கும் பகாபதம்
காசிகாபுரத்தின் நாதன் காலபைரவம் துணை

Beyond all the glittering forms exists the ‘Thought/Cittam’ (the oscillations), which gives us the ability to create/acquire what we need. These thoughts/oscillations that irreversibly arise in the indivisible consciousness/energy, win over the time. The irreversible thoughts/oscillations that arise in consciousness/energy are similar to the Radiative arrow of time.

Stanza 3

Shyaama-Kaayam-Aadi-Devam-Akssaram Nir-Aamayam |
Bhiimavikramam Prabhum Vicitra-Taannddava-Priyam
Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje

கூர்மையான சூலம்கத்தி பாசம் கொண்ட பார்மூலம்
கருநீல வண்ண ஆதிபகவன் பகாபதம்  தரும்நலம்
அரும்பெரும் பராக்ரமம் ஆடும் தாண்டவம் நிதம்
காசிகாபுரத்தின் நாதன் காலபைரவம் துணை

The power of indivisible consciousness/energy dancing underneath expressed irreversibly outside through thoughts/oscillations with focus (pointed spear), restraint (noose) and cutting through barriers (sword), brings welfare. The irreversible expression of thoughts/oscillations  is similar to the Quantum decoherence (causing particle nature) arrow of time.

Stanza 4

Bhukti-Mukti-Daayakam Prashasta-Caaru-Vigraham
Bhakta-Vatsalam Sthitam Samasta-Loka-Vigraham |
Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje

உய்ப்பு துய்ப்பு தந்திடும் இயக்கிடும் இன் ஊருவம்
தன்னெழுந்த  அகிலத்தில்  அன்பாகவே  நிலைத்திடும்
ஒளியிடை பகுதியில்   அதிர்வாகிட   ஓலித்திடும்
காசிகாபுரத்தின் நாதன் காலபைரவம் துணை

When thoughts/oscillations are expressed outside (as words/particles), ‘love/bonding’ is establsihed between the matter/beings, resulting in enjoyment and detachment between the matter/beings irreversibly. Like acoustic vibrations that collect matter forms in a light-filled universe, creating seeds for stars, love collects beings together, becoming the seed for irreversible consciousness evolution. The irreversible thought-flow between the various beings, binding/detaching them is similar to the thermodynamic/heat-flow arrow of time.

Stanza 5

Dharma-Setu-Paalakam Tu-Adharma-Maarga-Naashakam
Karma-Paasha-Mocakam Su-Sharma-Daayakam Vibhum |
Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje

தர்மநெறி காத்திடும் அதர்ம வழி அழித்திடும்
கர்ம பாசம் களைந்திடும் பாதுகாப்பு அளித்திடும்
தங்க வண்ண நாகமும்  அங்கமெல்லாம் ஒளிர்ந்திடும்
காசிகாபுரத்தின் நாதன் காலபைரவம் துணை

When enjoyment and liberation is established, matter/beings evolve together with their irreversible collective actions or karma or cause-effect. Those that follow dharma/laws of universe survive. Those that do not (adharma) get eliminated. Those that are not bound to actions are protected like a golden snake that surrounds. The irreversible karma is similar to the causal (cause-effect) arrow of time.

Stanza 6

Nityam-Advitiiyam-Isstta-Daivatam Niramjanam |
Mrtyu-Darpa-Naashanam Karaala-Damssttra-Mokssannam
Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje

ஒளிரும் பொருட்கள் மூடிடும் மயக்கும் இரு பாதமும்
(என்றும்) களங்கமற்ற ஒருமையான இஷ்டதெய்வம் ஆகிடும்
இறப்பின்  கர்வம் போக்கிடும் கவ்வும் பயம் அழித்திடும்
காசிகாபுரத்தின் நாதன் காலபைரவம் துணை

When attachment to actions is eliminated, that pure One which covers all manifested matter forms, removes the pride of death by removing the fear of death, though death is irreversible. The irreversible death is similar to the particle physics/ weak decay arrow of time.

In matter domain, death happens in two forms (the feet of kala bhairava). They are weak decay and charge annihilation. All manifested beings exist under the feet of kala bhairava. In consciousness domain, death of consciousness happens by elimination of memory or removal of volition/will.

If a person loses the past memory and/or loses the volition/will to fight future, death of consiousness happens. 

Stanza 7

Drsstti-Paata-Nasstta-Paapa-Jaalam-Ugra-Shaasanam |
Asstta-Siddhi-Daayakam Kapaala-Maalikaa-Dharam
Kaashikaa-Pura-Adhinaatha-Kaalabhairavam Bhaje

அட்டகாச சிரிப்பினாலே அண்டவெளி  கிழித்திடும்
பார்வையாலே ஆட்சிசெய்யும் பாபம் போக்கும் மாயமும்
எட்டு சித்தம் தந்திடும்   கூடும் ஓடும் தாங்கிடும் 
காசிகாபுரத்தின் நாதன் காலபைரவம் துணை

The one whose laughter spreads across the universe’s space, rules the beings by just observation, removes all paapa actions, provides the eight siddhis, holds a skull and a cup. This irreversible ubiquitous presence is similar to the quantum entanglement arrow of time.

In matter domain, the ubiquitous presence across all matter forms, resulting in non-localized effects spreading across Universe (symbolized as laughter that rips the Universe apart) is by Quantum entanglement. 

In consciousness domain, this ubiquitous presence is achieved by that manifestation of that Universal observer in our consciousness, as the conscience or witness or mana-sAksi.

Stanza 8

Bhuuta-Samgha-Naayakam Vishaala-Kiirti-Daayakam
Kaashi-Vaasa-Loka-Punnya-Paapa-Shodhakam Vibhum |
Niiti-Maarga-Kovidam Puraatanam Jagatpatim
Kaashikaapuraadhinaathakaalabhairavam Bhaje

உயிர்களின் தலைவனும் பெரும் புகழ் தந்திடும்
பாப புண்யம் போக்கிடும் காசி வாசம் செய்திடும்
நீதி வழி காட்டிடும் பழம்பெரும் இறைவனும்
காசிகாபுரத்தின் நாதன் காலபைரவம் துணை

The leader of beings that gives fame, removes paapa/puNya in our actions, shows the righteous path is that ancient universal observer that manifests in our consciousness. This irreversible conscience/observation in us, is similar to the perceptual or mental arrow of time.

In matter domain, arising of consciousness with memory and volition is the 'leader' of all matter forms that yields fame. This arising of consciousness is the ancient lord of the matter forms, guiding the right path to matter evolution.

In consciousness domain, arising of an internal detached observer that guides the memory and volition is the leader of all biological beings that yields fame. This arising of internal observer is the ancient lord of all biological beings, guiding the right path to consciousness evolution.

Stanza 9

Kaalabhairavaassttakam Patthamti Ye Manoharam
Jnyaana-Mukti-Saadhanam Vicitra-Punnya-Vardhanam |
Prayaanti Kaalabhairava-Amghri-Sannidhim Naraa Dhruvam

காலபைரவ அஷ்டகம் மனமொன்றி   படிப்பதால்
ஞானமும்  வெளிப்படும் புண்யம் பல பெருகிடும்
மோகம் சோகம் கோபம் தாபம் நீசநிலை அழிந்திடும்
அடைவர் அந்த பாதமே காலபைரவம்  நிலை

One who reads kala bhairava ashtakam whole-heartedly, that acquires wisdom, increases puNya, eliminates moha (lust), shoka (sorrow), anger, desire (taapa), realize the presence of kala bhairava, the eight arrows of time.